December 1, 2017 App Interview

We talked about her life growing up in the great depression and her beliefs and her motherhood

Thanksgiving listen with family member 2019

We talked about my grandma's life and her relatives, parents etc. And what kind of things she had to face and the struggles in her life.

Theatre Assignment

Memories with great grandparents, and talking about hard workers.

Isabella Wright and her great aunt Marie Lorino discuss growing up in Birmingham, Alabama in an Italian immigrant family
November 26, 2018 App Interview

In this interview, conducted by Isabella Wright (16) in Birmingham, Alabama, Marie Lorino is interviewed about her life of 92 years. She shares stories of growing up in an immigrant family and growing up during the War.

Bob Whetstone the Storyteller.

My Grandad Bob has many interesting stories. During the interview, I’ve learned that my grandad wasn’t allowed to serve in the military because of his eyes, suffered in school because of his eyes and living during the great depression and...

Mary’s Memories: Pre-marriage

My 94-year-old great-aunt remembers her upbringing in Troy, NY, including playing on the Williams Farm (now Hudson Valley Community College).

Grandpa Interview

In this interview, conducted in Andover, MN, Trea Houska (14) interviews her grandpa, Bob Houska (84) about his life growing up in a small town in northern Minnesota. Bob talks about his favorite hobbies as a child during the Great...

Carl Parmenter talks about growing up in the Great Depression

Carl Parmenter tells his granddaughter about growing up in the Great Depression, living as a migrant worker, working on his sawmill, and building houses.

Interview with Grandma Marie

We talked about my grandmother’s childhood, the loss of her father and sister, food, friends, and her family.

Steven Akins, Dolphus Putman, , , and

1993 interview of Dolphus Lawrence Putman, the son of an Alabama coal miner who was killed in a mining accident in 1927, relating to his growing up as one of 8 children being raised by a single mother during the...

Thanksgiving 2017

My mother talks about growing up in the depression and memories of a special aunt.

Northern Minnesota Village Girl

What my family, home, and community were like when I was growing up... NOTE: There is an error of WHO the interview is labeled for, at the very beginning. It is NOT for Estelle Lewis in Nashville, but rather it...

My grandpa’s story about living through the depression and overcoming hardships.

In this interview, conducted on November 30, 2017, in Arab, Alabama, Adrianne Smith (16) interviews her grandfather James Hendrix (81) about what life was like in 1930s Fayette, Alabama. He talks about how he lived through the depression and how...

My grandfathers childhood

In conclusion my grandfather survived through the Great Depression survived WW2 enlisted in korean army in 1950 had four children and 12 grandchildren now lives a peaceful life

Nana (91 years old)

We talked about how her life was as a kid and what she had moved to. I asked her about my Papa who I didn’t know much about and I got a lot of new info about him and how...

Life of Eileen O’Brien by Nancy Kane

My interview was conducted on December 7, 2017 in Oak Lawn, IL. This is an interview of my grandma, Eileen O’Brien age 85. This is the life story of my grandma. You will hear about her parents, her siblings, her...

Great Depression

My family was not greatly effected during the Great Recession. But we definitely had problems during this time.