Storytelling Assignment 2

This is about Logan and her life and what made her.. well her.

Gabby Story – Nicole Brindle’s Past

Nicole Brindle has shared about past events in her life that are traumatic and how she has been able to cope and move on from those events.

Curse of Generational Trauma

This interview is between me, Emma, and my mom’s friend, Trish, speaking about Trish’s life with her daughter, Cassie, struggling with addiction. The topic of generational trauma is relevant. (interrupted by time limit)

Experiences as Care Givers and navigating Grief (with Sandra Perez and Nyssa Entrekin)

Sandra Perez and Nyssa Entrekin talk about similar experiences as care givers and navigating grief. We talk about our relationships with our parents, navigating the healthcare system, and managing grief. This was inspired by Sandra Perez's dad, Rodrigo Perez (who...

Brittany Poulton and Rylie Rasmussen

Rylie Rasmussen (21) speaks with her birth mother, Brittany Poulton (42), about their relationship and their experience with adoption.

Carrissa Hsieh and Olivia Ramos

Olivia Ramos, Providence employee and veteran Camp Erin volunteer shares with Carrissa a fellow Camp Erin volunteer about her relationship with Erin Metcalf before she died of cancer at age 17 and how that relationship with Erin and her family...