Ozella Stroupe Buchanan and Kathleen Buchanan

Ozella Buchanan (78) tells her daughter, Kathleen Buchanan (44), about growing up in a small mountain town in Virginia and attending a small school that closed down during WWII. She talks about her education and becoming a nurse.

Annie Davis and Susan Shaw (granddaughter interviewing grandmother)

Annie Davis: 2020-05-22 21:35:30 Annie (14) and her grandma, Susan (76) discuss past hardships, family life, important lessons learned and valued, and experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Interview Dr. Guthrie/ Owen Dyer

This interview is between Owen Dyer and Dr. Guthrie of Bentonville West High school. You will hear the backstory of Dr. Guthrie and influences from his life. As well as how he has supported my journey competing on American Ninja...

Marla Barthen and Madeline Carpenter

Marla Barthen (50) shares a conversation with her mentee, Madeline Carpenter (20), about the women’s rights movement and what people of different generations can contribute to that movement.

A Journey Through the Mind of Mr. Quincy

During Mr. Quincy's 20 years of experience in the military, we can see some of the life lessons that benefited him, including self discipline, life management, reading for leisure and the importance of traveling the world. This is a glimpse...

Franklin Dillard and Franklin Dillard II

Franklin Dillard II (38) interviews his father, Franklin Dillard [no age given], about his family, his experience as a parent, and life lessons he would like to impart to future generations.