My Mom ~ The Great Listen

This interview helped me see into how my mom views her life right now and how it came to be like it is. She is full great stories of me and my dad that I enjoyed listening to.

Interview with Sister Annie Davis – 9/24/1977 (conducted by Harry Sunshine)

In September of 1977, Sister Annie Davis (then 80, she lived to be 102) spoke in her home with Harry Sunshine (24) about her life with her late husband, Reverend Gary Davis. She talked about their early relationship, some of...

Catching up with Jess

Talking about passions, what he's been doing this past year, and general knowledge/ wisdom.

Elizabeth Eubanks and Patricia Scott

Elizabeth Eubanks (58) shares a conversation with her mother, Patricia Scott (82), about her love of music, the groups she played with, and her other creative pursuits.

Alexis Bara and Ben Bara

Alexis Bara (30) shares a conversation with her spouse, Ben Bara (32), about Ben’s diagnosis of depression, his symptoms, how depression has changed him, and how he is feeling now.

Robert Wallace and Lindsay Smythe

Robert (Rob) Wallace (45) talks with his girlfriend, Lindsay Smythe (30) about his life expereinces living in Italy and California, his service in Kuwait and Somalia, and working as a police officer in Yuma.

Chuck Paul: Artist, Musician, Surfer, And Clammer

Meet Chuck Paul! From learning how to perfect dream catchers from a Native American to being featured on Blackmore’s Night’s Instagram page, Chuck has lived a fascinating life. In this interview, he shares his best stories from performing at venues...

Betty Nudelman

Betty Nudelman speaks with documentarian Mareva Lindo about her memories of the Old Town School community in its early years, when it was housed within the Immigrant State Bank Building at 333 W North Ave--in the Old Town neighborhood from...

Bonnie Leigh: Folk Musician

Meet Bonnie Leigh! From picking up a guitar for $5 at a yard sale, to establishing herself as one of South Jersey’s most respected musicians, Bonnie has certainly come a long way. In this interview, she shares her best performing...

Marideth Sisco and Dennis Crider

Colleagues Marideth Sisco (78) and Dennis Crider (78) discuss their lives as artists, including their contributions to the soundtrack of the Oscar-nominated film, Winter's Bone, their experiences touring and performing all over the world, and their current creative endeavors.

Liduvina Rivera and Jose Aguinaga

Liduvina Rivera (83) speaks with her son, Jose Aguinaga (45) about her happy childhood, her leadership in local organizations, and her faith.

Matt Fisher: Saloon Singer

Meet Matt Fisher! From learning how to play guitar from family and friends, to being featured on MTV’s Made, Matt has lived an exciting life. Now, Matt finds the most fulfillment equipping his students with the tools necessary to play...

Josh Werner: Country/Bluegrass Musician

Meet Josh Werner! From finding a guitar is his parent’s closet, to receiving his grandmother’s blessing to pursue music professionally, Josh has come a long way. He is now one of the most talented and respected country musicians in South...

Martin’s Music

I interview my classmate about his past and future in music production.

Dad's Music Journey

I ask my dad about his journey with music throughout his life.

Whit Perry and Jack Perry

Jack Perry (51) shares a conversation with his father, Whit Perry (80), about a trip around the world that Whit took when he was younger and about how that trip changed him.

Mary Flynn and William "Billy" Flynn

Husband and wife Mary Flynn (69) and William “Billy” Flynn (67) recall how they met, billy’s career as a musician. Billy writing music for the movie Cadillac Records, and Beyonce performing his guitar version of “At Last” during the inauguration...