Lucille Wilhoit talks about the importance of music in her life.
September 17, 2016 App Interview

Lucille Wilhoit passed away on September 3, 2016. I remembered I'd recorded two interviews with her for the National Day of Listening in November of 2010. She talks in this interview about the importance of music to her, and how...

Colby Maddox & John Huber

A conversation between friends, bluegrass musicians and fellow Old Town School coworkers Colby Maddox and John Huber. Colby has been managing the Resource Center and teaching mandolin at the school since 1999. John has been working at the school since...

Dianne Mosely-Titus interviews Elder Walter Bernard Peterson, Jr., who plays guitar at House of Prayer International COGIC in Memphis TN.

Dianne Mosely-Titus was a student in the Music Appreciation course taught by Kenneth Croft at Southwest Tennessee Community College in Memphis, Tennessee. For a project for the class she interviewed Elder Walter Bernard Peterson, Jr. who plays guitar at the...

Tisa Batchelder & Gregg Ostrom

A conversation between partners and musical collaborators Gregg Ostrom and Tisa Batchelder, who met many years ago at the Old Town School, where they work. They share memories of their first encounters with the school, of their long courtship, and...

My Mom ~ The Great Listen

This interview helped me see into how my mom views her life right now and how it came to be like it is. She is full great stories of me and my dad that I enjoyed listening to.

Raw Jha: What Shaped Jayanti Jha’s life

Jayanti Jha talks about what’s shaped her in the past; everything from her musical past to her field hockey endeavors. She doesn’t hold back, so here’s your daily dose of Raw Jha.

Betty Nudelman

Betty Nudelman speaks with documentarian Mareva Lindo about her memories of the Old Town School community in its early years, when it was housed within the Immigrant State Bank Building at 333 W North Ave--in the Old Town neighborhood from...

Martin’s Music

I interview my classmate about his past and future in music production.

Steve Doyle & Mike Drassler

In addition to teaching at the Old Town School for over 20 years, Steve Doyle is versatile guitarist who can be found gigging around town several times a week. In this conversation he talks with his coworker and one-time student...

Dad's Music Journey

I ask my dad about his journey with music throughout his life.