The Great Thanksgiving Listen

For this interview, Brieann Karim, a friend of mine talked about family heritage. She expressed her heritage that hailed from the Caribbean, especially Haiti and Antigua. She went into detail about how this side of the family came from central...

Ms. Chantal shares stories from her childhood and life.

Jude Richardson (15) interviews Chantal Roumain Collis (76) his piano teacher about her life growing up in Haiti and after going to the United States. She has many stories and background to share, and some advice for anyone.

Interview with my 96-year-old grandmother, Laura.

My grandmother, Laura, grew up in Haiti and moved to the United States when she was 26. In this first part of our interview she discusses what it was like growing up in Haiti, why she left Haiti, and talks...

Life of an Immigrant

An interview with my father who is Haitian. He gives his views and philosophies on America

Life in Haiti. Life after high school

Finding a better life in America. Life is both harder and easier in America.

This Is My Sister

This interview was done in Columbia City, IN. With myself, Chloe Temple (17) talking with my sister, Emily Temple (19), about her week in a whole different country.

My Grandma’s Immigration Story

This is an interview with my grandmother, Marie Joseph. In this interview we discuss her immigration to the United States from Haiti.

Marcus Dolmeiis and Linda Fouche

Linda Fouche(64) describes her experience to her grandson, Marcus Dolmeiis(15) about arriving to America, and the struggles she encountered here.

Term 1 Project Interview – Haiti
October 14, 2022 App Interview

Interviewee: Fabiola (Jaydens Mom) Interviewer: Jayden (Fabiola’s Son) Topics Discussed in Interview: Life In Haiti, Changed Coming To America, Things Missed In Haiti, How Has America Changed, And More.

My moms experience going to Haiti

just a little bit about my moms experience and what it was like over in haiti

Meaning of Food through the taste of two Haitian girls

My name is Samantha Jean Pierre, I’m 21 years old , I am a Senior at Florida International University majoring in Biochemistry. I interviewed my friend Anastasia Legouté who is also a student at Florida International University. We talked about...

Growing up in Haiti

I interview Malaika Martelly as she talks about growing up in Haiti and the experiences she’s had there

Interview with Lamenais Louis

I, Hannah Cunningham, interviewed my branch president Lamenais Louis about his emigration from Haiti to the United States. In the interview, we talked about how he met his wife, Suzette, how he found the gospel, and the Haitian traditions he...

Part 2 of the interview with my 96-year-old Haitian grandmother, Laura

In the second part of our conversation, Laura talks about her brother, Ary, the former Minister of Public Health in Haiti who as murdered in 2000. She discusses if she regrets leaving Haiti, and talks about what it’s like knowing...

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

This interview would take place between me and my friend Brieann Karim. This interview was conducted in Austin, Texas, and it took about 8 minutes. This interview was about family heritage that came from Brie’s family. She talked extensively about...

Danielle Linzer and Diane Exavier

Danielle Linzer (29) talks with her coworker and buddy, Diane Exavier (23), about growing up in their respective childhood New York City sections of Roosevelt Island, New York, and Flatbush, Brooklyn, their families and parents, and their artwork.