Daniel Pincu and Elise Pincu Delfield

Daniel Pincu, 68, by his daughter, Elise Willa Pincu Delfield, 35 about his time in Turkey in the army. He took a picture at a wedding and 43 years later found the couple and gave them the picture.

Marcia Oates and Ann Mershon

One Small Step Conversation partners Marcia Oates (68) and Ann Marie Mershon (73) talk about their careers as school teachers and what they learned, the progress or lack there of on women's rights in their lifetime, abortion, and women's athletics.

Susan Martin and Lillian Bartlett

Susan Martin (62) interviews her mother, Lillian "Betty" Bartlett (92), and shares fond memories she has of living in a trailer in Cape Cod, Massachusetts as a child.

J. Diego Zarazúa and Maria Davis

Los compañeros de conversación de One Small Step, J. Diego Zarazúa (32 años) y María Davis (50), hablan de su educación, la inmigración, sus primeros años en México y la política. [One Small Step partners J. Diego Zarazúa (32) and...

Gary Askounes and Scott Ilnicky

One Small Step conversation partners Gary Askounes (54) and Scott Ilnicky (61) discuss the American role in wars around the word, navigating the American healthcare system as a parent, and their shared appreciation of live music.

Vincent Morales and Renee Marchol

Friends Vincent Morales (28) and Renee Marchal (44) meet in person for the first time at StoryCorps and talk about taking virtual classes together during the pandemic.

Shannon Waters and William Neiheisel

One Small Step conversation partners Shannon Waters (53) and William "Bill" Neiheisel (68) discuss faith, their views on behavior and psychology and moving our country forward through love and kindness.

Louisa Brady and Rachel Anne Brown

Louisa Brady and Rachel Anne Brown are friends and co-workers who met at the International Center in New York City. They had a conversation about their families, what their lives were like growing up, their relationships with their boyfriend/fiance, and...