Gladys Sullivan

Gladys immigrated to the USA from Panama City, Panama. Im this interview she mentions what it was like growing up in a place with less than 1 million people. She mentions people she admired and looked up to, and shares...

My Hubby the Engineer

My name is Aida and I interviewed my Husband Alex about life in general. Lol!! Correction on book mention “The late great planet earth” By Hal Lindsey

Yanelli Ibarra and Vanesa Martinez, talked about how she came to be the person she is today.

Yanelli Ibarra (15) interviewed her older sister Vanesa Martinez (24) on the experiences she thinks made her the person she is today. What adversitys she had to overcome and how those experiences made her stronger and more wise as a...

Meet Kristine Gorman

I interviewed my mom about her life growing up and some of her favorite memories. She shared some advice and funny memories.

My sisters keeper

We talked about her going to the military and why she did it and did she serve in a war zone and where

Zoe Wilson and her great grand mother, who she calls Nana T, talk about memories from the past.

This interview was conducted in November 25, 2018 in Centreville, Mississippi. Zoe Wilson(13) interviews her friend and great grandmother Nana T(76). This interview was about her childhood and fun memories she has all around. At the end she tells me...

Inez Blackmon and Vera James

Vera James (76) talks with her friend Inez Blackmon (69) about Inez’s childhood and about her family. Inez also talks about the person who had the biggest influence on her life, some of her happiest memories, the most important lessons...

My mom

My name is Liam and I interviewed my mom about a couple of key questions. This included: How would she like to be remembered? What is some advice you would give your younger self? What are some of your happiest...

Mamie and Papy’s happiest moments

Mamie and Papy talking about when they took a bike ride together

Eli’s Interview of Aubby- 11-24-2023 11:01:18

Eli was interviewing his grandfather about his life. There were questions like what he was most proud of and what he was most grateful for.


I asked my mother mostly about her background and what where her expectations in life closing with an epidemic that has affected us all in a way.

Samuel Harris and Steve Maggiora

Samuel Harris (18) asked 6 questions to Steve Maggiora (68) about who influenced Steves life, his happiest memories, defining happiness, what makes a good life, advice for living the good life and how he would like to be remembered. Steve...