Sophia and Yasmin Dmytruk; Japanese Culture to American

Yasmin Dmytruk (48) gets interviewed by her daughter, Sophia Dmytruk (16), for better understanding of her mother's culture, how she came to be, and challenges they both faced together.

Working in Another Language

Despite being in Japan for the earthquake in 2011, Gerald Hirshberg doesn't tell that story, because stories of interacting with the place and the people are far more earthshattering. In November of 2017, Kate Hirshberg interviewed her grandfather, Gerald 'Jerry'...

Small Town vs. Big City Life

This conversation give listeners an inside look into small town vs. big city living and how the two affect quality of life.

Ryan Hutchins and George Ross talk about religion and spirituality
November 5, 2022 App Interview

Ryan (18) interviews his grandfather George (78) talk about religious experience, foods and culture, and american politics. George talks about his experience with several different denominations and places of worship. He talks about his love of cooking and favorite foods...

Ai Choo Kong – A Life of Resiliency and Compassion

Ai Choo Kong (“Lovely Pearl”), age 84, interviewed by her daughter, Lin Min Kong (“Bright Forrest”), age 52, about her life growing up in Malaysia, including enduring the Japanese occupation, emigrating to the US, and living in rural North Carolina....

Interview with Dad — Blog 3

Interviewing my father about his culture and background and how that impacted his life.

Where are you from?

A mother talks to her 10-year-old son about a trip to his birthplace.

Ariel Jin’s interviewing her dad, Young-hoon Jin, on November 26th, 2023.

In this interview, Ariel Jin interviews her dad about how his experiences as a child/teen changed his adulthood for better or for worse. She talks about the major transitions and moments in life that affected her dads future.

Intercultural exchange and it’s significance

Cultural exchange is necessary in improving cultural tolerance and bridging gaps between nations.

Yarden Griffith and Richard Griffith

Yarden Griffith (17) Interviews his father Richard Griffith (58) about New Mexico's cultural differences from where he grew up (Arizona).

Ethnographic Interview – Cassidy and Abdulaziz

Abdulaziz and I share some differences between our home countries of Saudi Arabia and the United States, as well as differences between our own beliefs and families.

Interviewing my Turkish mother part 1

Talked about her upbringing, cultural experiences, challenges, and how it all affected her parenting. Furthermore, talked about cultural disconnect between mother and son.

“When I go back to Taiwan, I feel very free”
October 10, 2018 App Interview

Olivia Chen, 36, from Taiwan, talks about her experience living in America without her family for 10 years. She shares her accomplishments in earning her Master’s degree in business and how she brought part of her culture with her to...

All Of The Universe Is All In This One Moment (Part 2)

We talked about her childhood and the struggles that she faced growing up. As well as where her life has taken her now. We talked about the people and events that have influenced her life as well as the harder...

Interview with my Parents.

Tyler Dinh (17) Interviews his parents Mimi Dinh and Tuan Dinh (mid 50s) about their life and escape from Vietnam as well as the harsh obstacles they had to pass through during their life.

“I wanted to help them, but I could do nothing but lend them some of my strength”

This recording is about how my mother managed to cross Myanmar’s border over to Thailand. In this recording, She speaks about personal encounters she had to overcome and how she managed to live despite the war.

Overcoming stereotypes

Finding out how a person is different from the assumptions made

The Beauty of Growing Up in Two Cultures

A conversation between a mother and son about growing up in two cultures

Hannah Park and Jinse Park

Jinse Park (57) talks with his daughter, Hannah Park (21) about his exposure and experience with food while growing up in Korea and after moving to the United States.

Crystal reflects on her life, culture, family, and motherhood.

Jordy asks Crystal about growing up as a first-generation child and her childhood. He also asks questions reguarding her adult life as a mother and influences in her life.