A Greek Grandmothers Story

In this interview, I asked my grandmother questions on her life as an immigrant in the United States. Her story to touches on her struggles and hopes thrown into a new environment

The Life of Vietnamese-American Immigrant

An exploration into the life of my mother, a Vietnamese-American immigrant who experienced culture shock when she and her family fled her home to an unfamiliar land.

You couldn’t be successful and worrying about where you were going to sleep, what you were going to eat.

E: What’s your name? Chen Eileen. X: Fu Xinghua. E: How old are you? I’m 16. X: 50… no, 55. E: What’s today’s date? The 25th. X: November 25. E: 2018. X: Yeah, 2018. E: Who are you currently married...

Life Story interview with Rene Mata Lopez & his daughter, Isabel Lopez

A writing contest was held for the 5th grade class at West Side Christian Elementary in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Out of 35 students, Isabel won the contest and received $500 towards her elementary tuition by the contest sponsor, Heritage Life...

Interview with Bhajno Johal

In this interview I, Raveen Johal, interview my grandmother, Bhajno Johal.

Jameson Interviews Tricia about Lena Teinila, Her Mother's Unsolved Murder, Rejection, and Reconciliation

Jameson O'Neal talks with his mother, Tricia O'Neal, about her mother, Lena Teinila, as well as several other family members. Jameson and Tricia discuss rejection, reconciliation, and how those life lessons come full circle. Lena Teinila's homicide is the only...

Ryan’s Interview with His Dad About Life Experiences.

Fred came to the USA 43 years ago, attended San Antonio College for one year, and continued on to Texas A&M University shortly after in 1981. After working for seven years as an engineer in Texas, he lost his job...

Life as an Indian Immigrant

I talked with my mom about her life as an immigrant in America and how her views and values have changed since coming here.

hsee htoo interview 05/01

I interview my friend Hsee Mu Htoo, age 22, from Thailand. We talk about his life in Thailand and how him and his family came to the United States, along with family.

Anna Hsu and John Hsu

Anna Hsu (13) talks with her grandfather John Hsu (78) about his life growing up in many places and finally coming to the United States.

Coming to the U.S.

Marco Duran, who is my father, came to the U.S. at the age of 16. He talks about the difficulties of being out on you’re own in a whole different country. He came with nothing and has worked his way...

Growing Up in a War Zone

Erna Kochendorfer childhood memories during World War II in Oberspelach, Germany

Mikkael’s unknown American interview

I interviewed a friend about their immigration story. We talked about differences between the US and the Philippines.

Seeking the Golden Rice Bowl: an Interview with Tony Yuenkai Liu

Tony Liu (79) talks with his daughter, Tana Liu-Beers (42), about leaving China on the eve of Mao's takeover.

Dad’s Life Journey

Adi Acosta (14) asking their father, Victor Acosta (58) about growing up as a Colombian immigrant in NY, jobs, goals, and hopes for the remembrance of the Boomer Generation.

Interview with my mom

interview with my mom and her experience coming from Vietnam to America

Immigration Stories Italy: Mustapha

Mustapha's journey begins in Gambia and travels through 7 different countries before reaching Calabria, Italy. Mustapha tells of the great risk as he leaves his family behind to travel for months to Libya. Mustapha tells us of how when he...