Interview with Geneva Jackson

Our interview was conducted in my great grandmothers house and we talked about her life from being a child up to her life now as an older individual.

What’s your career?

This interview helped me a lot in understanding my dads working conditions and his parents working conditions as a child and how it helped with his choice in career today.

The House on the Hill #mwsueng100

My Father talking about his experience building the house we built.

Life As It Goes, Anisha Kumar having a conversation with her mother

Anisha Kumar (15) interviews her mom, Alka Kumar (45) in Swartz Creek, Michigan in November of 2018. Ms.Kumar talks about growing up with not much and being in a community, in which having darker skin singles you out. She also...

Gulf War

This is a story of the common lives. When Gulf War was happening. There were lot of people struggling for their families and their own lives.

Interview with dad

We discussed his childhood and good life lessons

Grant Seeds Interviews With Blake Seeds

Blake’s upbringing and lesson of hardworking work were brought up, as well as her fathers life story. We discussed her life and what her life experiences have thought her as a person.

The Great Listen

This interview is about how life was like for my older brother who grew up in Bangladesh. I thought it would be interesting to find out how his childhood was like seeing how it is much different from the childhood...

Words of Wisdom with Randall Stiffler
November 28, 2021 App Interview

My grandfather, Randall Stiffler, shows how hard work and perseverance helps us achieve our goals and become truly happy.

Spencer Wambeke and Karen Wambeke: A discussion of business and hardwork.

Spencer Wambeke: 2021-11-12 03:27:12 A discussion with Karen Wambeke about the impact of hard work at a young age, and her journey to a business degree, she discusses her job and gives advice about being a college student and the...

Always follow your dreams

A youmg man making his dream come true and telling his story on how or what he had to go through to make it where he is at right now

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

I interview my mom about what life is like for her and how others shaped her.

Grandpa Interview – Great Thanksgiving Listen

My Grandpa was a family man from Honalulu who had to work through the death of his mother at a young age to live his life.


Overall, the interview with my Abuelo was very eye opening in seeing how he was raised and his personal beliefs today. He is a very hardworking man who puts others before himself

A Prideful Yoruba Woman

My mother and I have a discussion that somewhat haphazardly tries to cover her life and what she has learned over the years. She discusses racial obstacles, what led her to become a doctor, and more.

My mom

This is an interview of my moms childhood

Interview with Father

I interviewed my father about what he is most grateful for as well as his past growing up in a poor city and how it impacted him.

“Pushed through…”

This is a brief chat about how my sister overcame certain obstacles in her life.

Forest “Will” Roberts

The people involved in the interview are William McFarland (13) and Forest “Will” Roberts (89), Great-Grandfather and Great-Grandson. In the interview, we covered Will’s early life, what it was like growing up, meeting the love of his life, having children,...