Life of Sheryl Hamilton

In this interview, my mother and I talk about her most memorable and enjoyable moments in life, along with some of her hardships. It was amazing to learn so much about someone that you see everyday but never think to...

Recording – 11-08-2023 16:11:51

I met with my father today Sean O’Brien who is 49 years old.

Zayn Anthony and Zoyer Zyndel

Zayn Anthony (34) and his friend Zoyer Zyndel (33) talk about Zayn's experience being a drag king and how Zayn decided to transition. The friends talk about the trans community and how Zayn's trans and drag identities intersect and overlap.

Lydia Fields and Dylan Fields

Lydia Fields (38) shares a conversation with her husband, Dylan Fields (39), about the early stages of their marriage. They discuss the challenges they faced, where they are now, and what they imagine for the future.

Neil Dion and Ryan Dion

Twin brothers Neil Dion (38) and Ryan Dion (38) discuss what their twinhood has been like for them, family and goals.

Nancy King and Jerald Shynett

Nancy King (54) shares a conversation with her husband, Jerald Shynett [no age given]. They discuss how they first met, when they knew they were in love, the passing of Nancy's father, and having a child together.

Jessie East and Jason East

Jessie East (45) interviews her husband, Jason East (47), about his early memories growing up, leaving a full time job to help their son, finding his interests, and journey to entrepreneurship along the way.

Brenda Bradley and Michele Woodhouse

One Small Step conversation partners Brenda Bradley (79) and Michele Woodhouse (53) discuss their troubles with our broken education system, wanting answers for indigenous reparations, and Roe v. Wade. Note: This conversation contains harsh language regarding sexual harm, abortion, and...

Emma Bentley Ruzicka and John Bentley

Emma Bentley Ruzicka (34), interviews her grandfather Dr. John Bentley (86) about his time in the Navy, how he met his wife, becoming a doctor, and the experiences that followed him from state to state.

Memere’s Memories

We talked about what it is like to grow up and have a family of your own. Childhood memories, traditions, and stories of our family were shared. This interview allowed me to gain some insight on how my Memere grew...