SOC 110 Socialization

In this interview I interview my classmate, Britney, and ask her about her values in life and experiences.

Ava Interviews Her Grandmother In Solebury

Ava Marrone interviewing her grandmother Kathy Lopas in Solebury Township, PA on January 8th, 2020. Discussion based on what life was like when Kathy was a teenager and how it compares to today. Kathy gives advice about succeeding in life...

A Loving Mother

A sentimental interview of my Mom, who has not only been a great role model but an inspiration to live my life the best that I can. A life with patients, love, and God.

Part 2
December 3, 2020 App Interview

I will be interviewing my mother about her life growing up, and how it led her to where she is today.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen Project with Barbara Dierkes

Barbara grew up in a small town in Ohio. In the interview, we talked about her childhood, and about what her parents were like. We also talked about what my mother was like growing up.

My Grandparents First Meeting

This is the story of how my grandmother met my grandfather, and how they went on a trip around Europe after knowing each other for a week.

Football with Jordan

Jordan and I talk about his favorite things, how faith has supported him, his school, and his family.

Jailene Williams
December 1, 2022 App Interview

Jailene Williams is my 11 year old daughter participate. In this interview we discussed school and family.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen with Veronica and her Grandpa Neil

This interview was for The Great Thanksgiving Listen between Veronica (15) and her grandpa Neil (71). During the interview, we discussed about what is was like growing up, finding love, and being a parent.

Covid-19 Pandemic experience from a mother in the greater Los Angeles area

In this interview conducted on April 20, 2020 in Canoga Park, California, Leslie Caballero(17) interviews her mother Paulina Caballero about her experience during the global pandemic of the covid-19 virus. Paulina Caballero shares her experience of being quarantine and her...

A little nerdy conversation

I catch up with a dear friend of mine and talk about her goals, and then reminiscent of our time in highschool.

Me and my dad – Calvin Purkey

I ask my dad many questions about his life and our family.

The San Francisco Love Story

Marian Howard(86) talks with her granddaughter, Nina Howard(15) about her marraige and relationship with Bill Howard. She shares the story of their union, the importance of their marriage, and a lesson for the youth.

Kathy interviews her Dad, Ron

Kathy, age 60, interviewed her Dad, Ron, aged 87. We talked about Ron’s early days in Southern California in the aerospace industry, hunting trips, boating and fishing trips through western Canada and Alaska. We also talked about how Dad met...

The affects of 2020 on being a Fourth Grade Teacher and a Mom.

Lisa Beckford (42) talks with her daughter, Ayanna Beckford (14) about the affects of 2020 on her teaching career and her family.

Interview with Luly Almeida

I (Francesca Mestre, 17) interviews my mom (Luly Almeida, 50) on May 7th, 2023 on a Sunday afternoon. We spoke about her childhood, past relationships, raising her 4 kids and how she met me. We also touched upon traditions that...

9th Grade English (Devin Kaigler)

I interview my sister about what she likes and dislikes and what she is grateful for