Maxine Kilgore & Susan Hetler

Maxine Kilgore: 2020-12-07 21:40:58 Maxine Kilgore (13) interviews Susan Hetler (her grandmother) about important life lessons and memorable experiences. Susan Hetler shares her experiences at art school, her midwifery knowledge, and shares some very important pieces of advice.

Advice from Grandma: Caitlyn D'Bella and Virginia Cooley

Caitlyn D'Bella (22) talks to her grandmother, Virginia (77), about relationship advice and what makes an "ideal" relationship.

Cheyenne Kim and Rebecca Louie Interview each other

Rebecca is a sophomore at Marlborough School, in Los Angeles California. She is passionate about journalism, and has held both writing and editorial positions on her school newspaper. Having also previously studied photography, printmaking, and architecture, she has an interest...

“To a certain point, people control the future (of Turkey). -Jasmine Deng Mihciyan

Jasmine Deng Mihciyan (51) talks about the outcome and effects of the earthquake that occurred in Turkey on February 6th, 2023 to her daughter Mira Mihciyan (17).

Jessica W. interviews Anonymous about America in a Kenyan’s Perspective.

In this interview conducted on April 2021 in a house in Chicago Illinois, anonymous and interviewer sit down to talk about topics related to America and anonymous’ different experience in this country (both good and bad) and the lessons to...

An Interview Between Eva and Norma

I conducted an interview with my high school friend Norma Pu, and we mainly talked about her personality, hobbies, travel experiences, childhood memories, career planning, and values.

A brief and warm review of our upbringing: An interview between Olivia and Leo

Olivia Xu(19)talks with her friend, Leo Xiang(20) about their warm childhood memories and the most impressive lessons learning from their upbringing.

Harper Polhemus (15) and Barbara Polhemus (76)

Harper Polhemus: This is an interview of grandma, Barbara Polhemus, regarding her childhood, best memories, hopes, and our current COVID-19 situation. 2020-05-09 18:42:59