Lillie Todd and Katherine Mohan

5 of 11 great grandchildren asked their 104 year old great grandmother about her marriage and her political views and retrospective look at life.

Kate Hirsch and Adam Hirsch

Kate Hirsch is interviewed by her husband Adam Hirsch about his illness, Guillian-Barre Syndrome and how they coped with it.

Whitley Collins shares to his nephew a special ADHD story

Whitley Collins (58) shares story to his nephew, Henry Barker (16) about how ADHD affected his life, not knowing he had it until he was an adult. Not only did he have it, but all of his brothers, his father...

Cyndi's Interview with husband Song

I interview with my husband, Song Sun. We loved each and had a happy life.

Alan Cowan and Graeme Cowan

On August 8, 2015, I interviewed Alan Russell Cowan, my Dad, about his life lessons. I asked him about the people who had been important to him in his life. He discussed his parents Hiram and Marjorie Cowan, his wife...

First interview with Don Gonzales

Meeting Jill and his childhood and passions

Chloe Borgmeyer and Eva Danner-Horton

Chloe Borgmeyer interviews her grandmother, Eva Danner-Horton, a former county commissioner of Livingston County, MO. They talk about growing up and making changes in their community.(: 2020-11-27 16:21:52