The Great Listen

Overall I got to know my little sister better and i’m really proud of her. In the interview she talks about what makes up of herself and it makes me proud !

Unsung Hero pt. 2

Started with my problem and how I was feeling. Then began to explain how one person was able to help me.

Veteran Army Ranger comes home

Ken Mellick and his son Jared Mellick discuss Ken joining the army at age 18 and serving proudly in Vietnam and the leadership lessons that helped him throughout his life.

Living in My Mom’s Big and Adventurous World.

This is the story of a mother and how far she went to get to where she is now. This interview introduces my mom’s struggles, but also her successes. It is also an interview about her child hood and our...

My 261 Days in Combat Recorded by P.F.C. Kenneth Gorman for his granddaughter.

When I was 21 I asked my grandfather to speak to my classroom about his time in WWII. He said no. It was the first time he said no to me in my life. A few weeks later he sent...

Metro Deli: Gus Catechis – Jack Silberstein

Gus Catechis owns Metro Deli, the center of Scarsdale commerce situated in the five corners. For decades Metro has been a thriving hub of delicious food, kind waitstaff, and a comfortable environment. Unfortunately, like many other small businesses, Metro was...

My godmother, a savior
November 20, 2022 App Interview

I interviewed My godmother, Erica Mason (44) and asking her about her life and experiences

Interview with dad

I talked about my dad’s life and what he enjoys most. I chose to interview him today because I love him so much and look up to him.

My Hero

Choosing my modern day hero and someone I admire was pretty easy. My dad is someone I look up to with most things, he sets a good example for my brother and I and I aspire to work hard and...

My mom’s childhood

How my grandfathers journey of being an alcoholic and being apart of war effected my mom and her childhood.

Hero interview

A few question to someone who is a hero for me

Nonnas Cucina

in this interview I talked to my favorite human, Linda Marcone (76) my nonna. in this interview she told me stories that I wouldn’t have ever know… like my Nonno never buying her flowers but still being the number 1...

My Hero Story Project

Today I will be interviewing my mother who is one of my personal heroes.

interview with Adam

little conversation with my dad just about life and people. My dad is 50 and I am 17. He is my hero and idol.

Mrs. Carni 9/11

Mrs. Carni worked with a friend who’s father was Chief Fire Fighter and died saving peoples lives.