thanksgiving interview

The interview talked about my moms life hopes and dreams.

Interview with Granny

We talked mainly of her childhood and what it was like from when she was born in 1928 to her life now in 2019.

Grandma’s Life Story I

Talking to my 86 year old grandma at a little cabin in Cashton WI.

memories with my grandma

my grandma told me about her childhood memories, her memories of watching her children grow up, and her more recent memories of watching her grandchildren grow up.

Family interview
December 1, 2019 App Interview

Interviewing my dad about what his childhood was like.

Womens History Month

We talked about how they didnt have any internet and had to go outside by their selfs and with friends when they could not texting.

Ruth Carey— Matriarch, Mother, Nanny, Aunty, Sister

We talked about Nanny’s life—her family life, and her personal life.

Interview with an Amazing Man

This was an interveiw with my grandfather about his life and child hood.(he goes on sole tangents

Interview with my Mom about her life.

in this interview We talked about her childhood and family, her parents and grandparents, and my grandfather.

My Little Brother

My first interview with my little brother, Giovanni Duran Nava.

The Thanksgiving Intrveiw.

Me and my Grandmother talk about her past. Quite interesting for me.

Curtis’s interview of Charles Pete (Papa) Simpson

We talked about his childhood and things in his past most are short stories that start one after another #TheGreatListen19 #TheGreatListen2019 #TheGreatListen

Great Grandma Glennadine Interview

We discussed my great grandma’s childhood and her experiences over a 100 year span.

My mom and I

Here I was ask my mom some questions about her childhood

Great Thanksgiving Listen

I talked to my mom about her childhood and what I️t was like growing up.

Forrest’s StoryCorp Interview

My mom and I spent a lot of time talking about her childhood and her past jobs.