Speech -Interview Talk

This speech is between Olivia Grisch and Greg Weir for a Speech Class project.

Interview with Mom

I learned a lot while conducting this interview with my mom. Many memories were shared while talking.

A Talk With My Grandfather

I learned about my grandfather’s childhood.

The difference between Mexico and the United States.

Her experience on crossing the border and how she dealt with the changes.

Gary Brandenberg and his life

we discussed my fathers past life an experienced. As well as his future now and where it has brought him.

My dad’s life

just reviewing my dad's life with him

My silly cousin

This interview was mainly about my cousins childhood, life lessons his learned, and life accomplishments. It was also a interview to help me to get to know my cousins better, even though I’ve known him all my life.

Childhood and the Future

A detailed description of my mother’s childhood in Colombia, and how her future shaped her.

Interview with Janice

During the interview, we talked about Janice's childhood. We also talked about her marriage with Roger and their daughter Margaret.

Mom Interview

My mom basically wants to meet Snoop Dogg.

Interviewing my aunt 2019

My aunt Yami was discussing some of her childhood and what she does today.

Avery and Nick interview

General topics of family, childhood experiences, and life lessons.

Childhood Immigration Story- How Growing Up Billangual Can Guide Your Career Path

My mother Alejandra Morales talking about her childhood immigration experience that lead to her career in Billangual Teaching.

Parent interview

Memories or me and my siblings were talked about. Also my parents childhood or their favorite memories


I interviewed my mom about her life


This interview describes the gradual steps into the life of my dad from his childhood to my birth along with my other siblings.

family member interview (mom)

I’ve learned a lot more about my mom in this interview and some stuff I didn’t know about which is good it was interesting.


Robert talks about his childhood in Mississippi