Bryce and nigel
November 13, 2021 App Interview

In this interview we talked about nigels life

Lester Sharp

An interview with my Grandfather, centering around his time as a conscientious objector serving in Boston.

“Jade favorites”, by Mya Mclead, an recoded interview with her cousin Jade Bayones

In this interview, conducted on November 28, 2021. Mya,11, interviews her cousin, Jade Bayones,23, about her favorites things growing up. Jade shares her favorite teachers in high school, subjects, and more. This interview was conducted for a project for psychology...

Interview 11/28/21

This interview was with my Nana the oldest of my family members. We talked about childhood memories and stories from her childhood.

Interview of my Dad

The interview was good. I got learn facts about my family that I didn’t know. My dad was giving good long facts.

Thanksgiving Interview with Baba

I asked my grandmother numerous questions relating to her childhood and past life. I finally got to find out some of the information I always wondered about my mom and aunt.

My husband-A Veteran
December 3, 2021 App Interview

This interview is about my husband who is a US Air Force veteran. In this interview we discuss how to enlist, what basic training is like, and more.

Abuela Mima

A conversation between a grandmother and granddaughter about memories and individuals we cherish in our lives.

APB- Alize Centeno’s Interview with Ivonne Gomez

In this interview I was able to learn more about my mom and her childhood as well as her future plans.

Interview with my Uncle Tom Ryan about advice for young adults beginning life on their own.

A conversation about family history. The we discussed relationships and what leads to successful ones. We conclude with talking about our family and it’s legacy.

The testimonies of Mark Miller captured in an interview with his friend, Myles McNeal

In this interview conducted on November 24th, 2021 Myles McNeal, 19, interviews his friend Mark Miller, 19, at Leo’s Coney Island about his relationship and experiences with God. Mark Miller was a student at Grand Blanc High School and now...

Marcus McAnally: Stories of a United States Marine Pilot during the Korean Conflict

Marcus McAnally, age 93 interviewed by his medical social worker, Ms Charlie Shrimplin. Mr. McAnally shared legacy stories of his experiences as a pilot during the Korean conflict, including two times when his plane went down, and he lived to...

Stories with Jerry Block

Jerry tells stories about his mother’s siblings and his experience being in a TV commercial while riding a NY cab

Early Memories of a Polish Girl

This interview took place between Deb Sterner-Krizman (daughter) and Chesterine Sterner (mom, age 89). in this first interview we discussed her parents, their journey to America and early childhood memories.

interview with coast guard retiree

I had a conversation with my dad,Drew Doxsee (52). He talked to me about his life in the coast guard and after it. He discussed the importance and impact of the coast guard on his life.

All About My Grandpa and His Life Part 1

My grandpa and his life is very interesting and fun. We made this interview on March 6th, 2020 and I learned so much about him!!! He is an amazing person who is kind, witty, and inspirational. Listen on with the...


Me talking to my oldest brother about his childhood and work side

Mikaela Finley interviews her grandpa Richard Fisher on his life!

Mikaela Finley: 2020-11-26 00:59:09 My grandpa and I talked about all of his life, from years ago when he was young to working in the military and all the way up to 2020.

Interview with my mom

In the interview with my mom we talked about her life and what she did as a kid. We also talked about her memories and how it was growing up in Puerto Rico.