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Dan and Juliann

Dan asks Juliann questions about her teenage years and how college differs from high school.

Church, childhood, mother and daughter bonding…

me and my mom dive into how her life changed when her grandparents passed away... and how her brother being in the military changed her life

Mara and Scott

over the hardships of life boot camp, the military, and police department.

My Dad tells about his Life Stories

On November 25, 2018 in Los Angelos CA, I will be interviewing Rodan Ubungen, or in other words my Dad! He was born on September 24, 1981 in Baguio City, Philippines. Then immigrated to the United States with him and...

The Epiphany on the School Bus Roof

The story of my grandfather who went from a kid struggling in school, to a cook in the military, then to a funeral director, and finally to a school psychologist.

Interviewing My Poppa

My interview with my Poppa about how life was different when he grew up and when I grew up.

Gun Control

This interview dives in depth about a college student’s view on gun control/violence and what could possibly be done about the current events and issues arising today.


Overall throughout the whole interview we discussed a wide variety of topics ranging from ancestors, school, and words of advice

Interview with Katy Whitson(mom)

I interviewed my mom and we discussed some of her favorite childhood memories along with important lessons she has learned throughout her life. I also asked her about historical events that occurred during her childhood and the affect that those...

My neighbor Everett

My neighbor, Everett Soucek, tell about his childhood, portland, hours time in the military, school, and ancestors. Worth listening to.

Having A Chat With My One Act Director

Jill Roberts is a 29 year old mother with 2 children. Kate Heidlebaugh is a 17 year old high school student. Both of these two people grew up with different religions and beliefs. One of the major things that connects...