Bhargav Montukuri & Sr. Lorraine Delaney

Bhargav shares with the story of his Hindu faith with Sr. Lorraine. Bhargav, talks about, Mandala, the 41-day period of fasting and prayer to transform human to god, to show love to the Lord Ayyappa. During this time the devotees...

Dada and Dadi – India to America

With my Dada and Dadi we talked about their trip to America, and what the journey was like coming.

Rajasri Raghunathan & Sr. Lorraine Delaney

Rajasri shares important tenants of her Tamil culture and Hindu faith. She also goes in to great detail of one of her favorite ritual of the female goddess Lakshmi and its meaning to her and her family. Lakshmi is one...

Living in America with Indian-English culture

In this interview Preshia shares her family values and culture. From there she proceeds to talk about how culture has influenced her family values. Preshia is from the UK but moved to America around the age of 12. Her culture...

My Interview With Keerthi

A project for English class extra credit, get to interview one of my wonderful classmates named Keerthi.

A perspective of a country I had only ever heard about

In this interview, conducted in Lafayette, Colorado on May 18, 2019, Vithika Goyal interviews her mother, Komal, about her childhood, education, and personal history growing up in India. This interview seeks to answer the question “how are the histories we...

Lessons of India

This interview was taken on November 24, 2021 and Geeta Sunkara was interviewed. Geeta lived in India, but despite her thinking she was going to stay in India, she moved to America. She is very proud of her hardworking family...

On Syncretism – thoughts on blending Indian and American values

A discussion on Indian-American culture, developing a sense of belonging in a foreign country, and attempted truancy on the streets of Chennai.

Dipti Kale and Gauri Ram

Dipti and Kale reminisce about growing up next door to one another in Mumbai India. Now both are coincidently living in Portland, Oregon. Sharing the Hindu holidays together. They talk about the upcoming Diwali holiday, what it means to them,...

Interview with Pushpa Lata

We talked about her childhood in India, her kids and her cooking.

Aditya talks to Madhavi about her viewpoints on life and her upbringing transitioning in to the United States.

In this interview, conducted in 2019, Madhavi talked to Aditya about her childhood and upbringing in India. Madhavi talked about growing up with three sisters in a catholic school, emphasizing the cultural and general differences from the upbringing of an...

Family Ties

An interview of my mother and her strong familial ties in india

my grandparents

this is about my grandparents and there lives

Interview with dad

My dad talks about his experiences growing up in India. He also explains about his beliefs about Hinduism and religion.

interviewing grandpa

I decided to interview my grandfather who was born and raised in india about his childhood and fatherhood memories, as well as what he has learned from his experiences throughout his life.

The Necessary Transitions

On November 24th, 2017, in Sherman Oaks, California, fourteen year old Gehna Chugani interviewed her grandmother, Chitra Chugani about her close knit family, her childhood, and her move from Pakistan to India to the U.S.A. The happy memories from when...

Bachu Hirani: The Resilient Journey to Cross Continents

I interviewed Bachu Hirani, my grandfather on December 30, 2019 in Fort Mill, South Carolina. For this interview, I chose someone who had an impact on not only our lives as part of his family but also thousands of people...

Jyotsna Raj and Indra Raj

Jyotsna Raj (71) speaks with her daughter Indra Raj (37) about Hindu faith and belief in God. Indra speaks about not believing in God, her concerns about organized religion, and how she aims to live a moral life. Jyotsna describes...

Aidan Matthews and his friend Alena not talk about growing up in New Jersey.

In this interview conducted November 2017 at Biotechnology High School Aidan Matthews (15) interviews his friend Alena Nag (14) about her childhood and life experiences. Alena shares her family lineage and her experiences growing up as well as the events...