My chat with Grammy

Virginia Denning reflects on her life and the happy memories she has had with her family

Thanksgiving interview

Interview with my dad about his childhood and things that are important to him.

Mimi Interview

My grandma started off with a summary of her life. Then I asked her more specific questions.

My mother’s childhood remeberances

We discussed my mom’s relationships with her family and friends through her childhood and her first jobs. We also briefly discussed how her life has been changed from being a parent.

Crazy Great great grandma

A tale of interesting jobs and crazy grand mother’s

What it was like to be in the National guard

My father Steve talks about his experience in the national guard during president Reagan

Growing up

We talked about my dad’s childhood. We also talked about who was a bigger influence to him, his mom or his dad.

Mom interview

With my mother talking about her early life and how she progressed.

“Standing up” at UVA

Lois Doyle Schwall tells us a story about her time as a student at the University of Virginia in the late 1950’s and about how she literally and metaphorically stood up against racial segregation at the University.

Thanksgiving 2017

History assignment given over Thanksgiving break asking students to participate in the Great Listen.

Parent interview Ms. O’C

We talked about my mom’s life, our family, and important moments. We also talked about important life lessons and personality traits.


First part of conversation with Aunt Jacqui

The Ronnie Kirven Story
November 30, 2017 App Interview

Talking about the values and trials of growing up impoverished in South Carolina, and life after that.


We talked a lot about his favorite teachers and his memories of becoming a professor.