Valeria Church- 66-Teacher Educator for over 25 years Ramona Hewitt-Williams- 45 I was inspired to do this interview with Mrs. Church she is a great mentor, she enjoy educating students. I'M INSPIRED BY All Educators and TEACHERS THEY HAVE MADE...

Michele Bulkley

Michele talks about growing up in the Canyon Rim area. Her family were one of the first to move in after WWII. She talks about her parents, sister, and friends and shares her faith.

Ellena Ochoa and Sofia Ridgway

Ellena Ochoa (57) is given the topic of her greatest influence. She elaborates of memories of her grandmother, her childhood and advice she has to give and how that advice has been helpful to her.

Delva Vasquez Chavez and Justin Chavez

Justin Chavez (40) has a conversation with his mother, Delva Vasquez Chavez (73), about her family background, upbringing, life in Belize, travel stories, and love for family members.

Meet A Baymen Family: Maxwell Shellfish!

Join Gretchen Maxwell, Bridgitte Bliss, and John Maxwell as they discuss their 6th generation business of shellfishing on the Barnegat Bay and the surrounding areas. They discuss the tradition of being baymen and what that in particular means to South...

Andrew Munoz and David Munoz

Brothers Andrew Munoz (51) and David Munoz (54) recall their family's tradition of camping and hiking trips in the summertime and the impact these travels had on them.

Mary Beth Holman and Shawn Mullin

Mary Beth Holman and Shawn Mullin returned to the Storycorps booth to talk about the influence of their maternal grandmothers on their lives. They both said that their maternal grandmothers loved them unconditionally. They agreed that each of their relationships...

Neil and Rangaswami Chandran's Interview

Dr. Rangaswami Chandran informs his grandson about his childhood with vivid description of his memories. His answers portrays the impactful events that changed his life and also his idols and people who have had a great influence on him. These...