The Faith of a Single Mother

My mother, Kristi Wunderlich raised seven kids on her own and put all of her faith into the Lord. She talks about why she is strong in her faith, why she put everything into growing in it, and the dark...

Frances Long and Nelson Simon

storyteller worked near the Trade Center, was in shock, walked across Brooklyn Bridge

Joshua Gilmour and Killion [No Name Given]

One Small Step conversation partners Joshua Gilmour (39) and Killion [No Name Given] (56) talk about religion, agnosticism, tenacity, political moderation, and the common good.

Interview with PEGGY DOTTERER- Part three of four (3 of 4)

Interesting stories and tales from the life and Times of Peggy Dotterer. These interviews took place on the following dates: 12/31/88, 3/4/89, 10/22/89 (in Stafford Cemetery), 4/1/90, 6/7/90, 9/2/90. It's is believed that all the interviews were all held at Peggy...

Tamara Munoz and Jessie Munoz

Tamara Munoz (15) interviews grandmother Jessie Munoz (76) as she provides testimony to being a female Mexican American growing up in Concord California: 2020-09-17 00:43:05

Christen Brouillette and Gretchen Moirtensen

One Small Step conversation partners Christen Brouillette (24) and Gretchen Moirtensen (67) have a conversation about family acceptance of coming out, abortion, civil rights issues, and government assistance.

My grandmother Cynthia

My grandmother tells about personal experiences growing up, struggles in her life, life goals, and advice to younger generations.

Chelsea Niemann and Allison Oberempt

One Small Step Conversation partners Allison "AJ" Oberempt (61) and Chelsea Niemann (31) share a conversation about their upbringings, their political values, and their families.

Open hands with Jana Dickman

Jana Dickman tells some of her essential story after returning to The United States from Indonesia in the midst of the Coronavirus Pandemic. Our conversation includes her experience teaching abroad when COVID-19 began, being evacuated from Southeast Asia in Spring...

John Verssue and Barbara Giorgi

One Small Step conversation partners John Verssue (43) and Barbara Giorgi (55) talk about labels, faith, being progressive, and how being divided makes our country weak.

Dorothy Hamilton and Colby Meyer

Grandson Colby Meyer interviews his grandmother Dorothy Hamilton on her life and some of the lessons she's learned. One Q&A we would like to add is, What is the main source of joy in your life right now? Dorothy answered,...

Shari Small & Scott Acord talk about faith

Shari shares with Scott about her faith in Jesus and how it has given her strength to move beyond some of the childhood traumas.