Interviewing my Mother- the role food plays in our relationship

Mother Vanessa Roman (46) and Daughter Elianny Ramirez (20) discuss the role food plays in their relationship from Miami, Florida.

John Ramirez and Maira Sanchez

Coworkers, John Ramirez (33) and Maira Sanchez (25), have a conversation about sandwiches, their experiences, Hispanic culture, their job at the library, and how their life has been since COVID-19 began.

"La Vida Por Delante"- Sarahi y Lourdes

Lourdes Bartolo (38) y su hija, Sarahi Zuniga(18), hablan de los cambios en estilo de vida al llegar a un pais nuevos y las metas del futuro.

Racial Identity Development Sum.

The person who I interviewed is my cousin, Alex. He’s 18. We grew up together so we’re pretty close. I chose to interview him because I wanted to know his thoughts on his racial identity.

Amanda Garcia and Gratzia Villarroel

Amanda Garcia (31) and Dr. Gratzia Villarroel (61) discuss immigration stories, becoming bilingual in both Spanish and English, and gender roles in the Latino community. The pair also talk about navigating two cultures and their plans to start a charter...

Mari Fernandez and Albert Fernandez

Mari Teresa Fernandez (67) and her husband, Albert R. Fernandez (71), discuss memories of growing up. Albert Fernandez describes growing up in the immigrant neighborhood of Ybor City in Tampa, Florida. Mari Fernandez describes migrating from Cuba at seven years...

My Mom; Growing up in American Society with a Hispanic Culture

My mom, Ali and I, Charlotte had a conversation regarding her emigration to America from Spain, stereotypes placed on her as a person who is not perceived as a person who can speak spanish fluently, as well as the traditions...

Hispanic Culture

Interview of a man born in Mexico and living in the United States.

Hanna Chastain and José Morales

One Small Step conversation partners Hanna Chastain (21) and José Morales (28) discuss faith, community, and the difficulties of figuring out career and life paths.

Keny Medina and Nikki Garcia on Cultural Differences
November 28, 2022 App Interview

Nikki (16) and Keny (44) discuss about the hardships Keny had to go through moving from Mexico to America at 19. Keny shares funny stories about Nikki growing up as well life lessons she's learned. Keny shares insight on how...

Growing up as a Hispanic in the American School System

In this interview, I hear my dad's journey of learning to assimilate into the American culture and school system. From struggling with language to racism from peers, my dad explores his version of the American Lifestyle.

Good Enough?

This audio talks about the concept on how many hispanic student grow up with many responsibilities and expectations at home and at school and having to manage and satisfy both.