Ronald Frantz and TC Burgin

One Small Step partners Ronald "Ron" Frantz (64) and TC Burgin (71) talk about their appreciation of Oklahoma and their hopes for its future. They also share how they are different from what people might expect from them.

Donald Helms and Deb Helms

Donald "Don" Helms (62) shares a conversation with his wife Deb Helms (60) about their experiences working at the non-profit project and store Legacy Architectural Salvage. They talk about their love of historic preservation, and getting to share pieces of...

Don Simmons and Gabriel Mora

Don Simmons (63) talks to his partner, Gabriel Mora (36), about coming to Fresno and feeling cared for by the residents of Fresno when he was experiencing a medical crisis. He follows by talking about his life here as a...

Amy Howell and Luca Coletāo

Amy Howell (46) shares a conversation with her husband, Luca Coletāo [no age given], about how they first met, their time in Paris together, their decision to move to North Carolina, their son, and their hopes for the future.

Brandie Miklus and Jackson McQuigg

Friends and colleagues Brandie Miklus (40) and Jackson McQuigg (51) share a conversation about their involvement with Friends of Tampa Union Station. They discuss the history of the station, their personal connections to it, transit in Florida and historic preservation.

Annie Nelson and Polly Wade

Friends Annie Nelson (65) and Polly Wade (94) recount Polly's 30 years as a volunteer and docent at the Laramie Plains Museum at the historic Ivinson Mansion.