Interview with Rachel Velasco

This is an interview that gets to go behind the scenes of my grandmother’s life and understand what historical events that may have effected her before and even now.

Nate Larson interviews his grandpa about his life

In this interview, Nate Larson(15) interviews Don Larson(80), his grandfather about his life. Don covers childhood memories and how life was like when he was a kid. Also, he talks about his success as a business owner and the historical...

Anne's Story

This is a clip of my interview with Anne. She talks about the effects of 9/11 on her life.


I asked him a little bit about his childhood and then transitioned into historical events that happened in his life, like the assasination of John F. Kennedy and the Berlin Wall coming down. He played a lot of games with...

Janet Hamiln and Alex Wu

Andover Stories of American Identity: a conversation with Janet Hamlin about her extraordinary childhood and life that gives her perspective to be compassionate and passionate.

Dinah Mathews Sours and Christopher Sours

Dinah Mathews Sours (87) shares memories with her son, Christopher Sours (63), about her childhood experiences and journey from England to the United States during World War II.

My Mother: Hard Working, Learning at a Young Age, and From a Trade School: Part II

Learning about my mother and how she had to work from a young age to where she is now in life. (This is the second interview because the first one cut out at 21 minutes).

About my grandmother

This interview is about my grandmother’s experiences in life. What is her childhood, and what historical events that she experienced in China.

Rosalind Schliske and Larry Barttelbort

Colleagues Rosalind Schliske (72) and Larry Barttelbort (65) talk about their service in the Wyoming National Guard and their leadership roles in publishing the first comprehensive history of the Wyoming National Guard from the 1860s to the present.

How historical events influenced Marly Meulemans’ childhood & adulthood

In this interview, Taylor Allan (16) interviews Marly Meulemans (84) about historical events that took place in her childhood and how they influenced her later life. These historical events include the Polio epidemic and WWII.

Important Historical Events
November 30, 2021 App Interview

About my dad talking about thr historical events he went through in his life and his childhood memories.

Recording – 04-03-2024 17:11:09

The interview was very good. The interviewee responded to all my questions and made it interesting to know more. The interview identified difficult times with segregation within schools and work.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen Project

Interviewing my grandma (Heghine Sargsyan) about historical events that took place during her life in Armenia.

Lauren Stein McLean and James "Jimmy" Hallyburton

James "Jimmy" Hallyburton (39) interviews his colleague Lauren Stein McLean (47) about her journey and experiences as the first woman elected to serve as mayor of Boise, Idaho.