Interview with my Grandma

(*EDIT* when Cherris says the “recession”, she means the “depression”) In this interview, I talk to my grandma and ask her about a few things. Some thing are related to history, others are more personal, and some are funny.

62 Years of History
November 12, 2017 App Interview

How life has changed over the past 60 years

The great thanksgiving listen

I am interviewing my grandmother because of all of the crazy stories my mother told me about.

Great American listen

We talked about the assasination of John F. Kennedy, 9/11attack, Osama bin Laden, Donald Trump and the DACA act.

Diane- Racial Notions

Diane talks about her childhood, work, and racial notions throughout her life and career

911 Interview

This is an assignment for my school Final and the main topic is about the historical events of 911

1973 <3

A walk through the early life of my mother and the experiences she’s had through some recent historical events!


We tales about how she was as a Child and who influenced her the most

Great Thanksgiving Listen: Final

This interview was about the history of my mom and about her views and perspectives.

World History – Final Exam – Ryan Rodriguez

We talked about her childhood and what historic events happened.

Jeff’s Interview

The story of who Jeff Hay was and who he continues to be.

Mathew kleinberg Service learning

I talked about my fathers life and how thing effected him.

Thanksgiving Listen: Aran O’Loughlin
November 28, 2017 App Interview

Mostly childhood stories of life of a man who grew up in NYC & with plenty of family from several backgrounds, some things were great but there was a share of the bad as well throughout

Talking to Pop-Pop

We went through most of his life and what he remembered was most significant in his life.

Spencer Kresie and Michael Cavenee talk about how the influential people and events in our lives led us to where we are.

In this interview, conducted in December 2018 in Plano, Texas, Spencer Kresie (16) interviews his step-father Michael Cavenee (61) regarding his childhood in Iowa and the path of his career. Mr. Cavenee described a large variety of memories, such as...