Family History

A discussion with my father about our family history and some important figures in our family

1973 <3

A walk through the early life of my mother and the experiences she’s had through some recent historical events!

World History StoryCorps Interview with Barry Thomas(granddad)

We talked about my grandfathers experience in the army, and how he asked my grandmother that he was getting deployed. We also talked about his best friend in the war and his memories with him.

Mathew kleinberg Service learning

I talked about my fathers life and how thing effected him.

Life Growing Up

We talked about how life was like for my nana compare to life today. Including events and memories she remembers.

The story of my mom

The interview is about some life questions to my mom.

Interview with my Aunt Aisha

Talking with my Aunt about her interests and the people around her who inspired her to do those things.

1st Interview

I talked to my grandmother about her life in the past and any advice she would give for myself and the future generations.

Interview with my father

I interviewed my father about the traditions he knew about that were passed down in my family from generation to generation.

The Diversity of Vianna Lopez

Today I interviewed Vianna Lopez who is an Arizona native and she gives me incite on her family history

Diane- Racial Notions

Diane talks about her childhood, work, and racial notions throughout her life and career

Michelle Przybylo interview part 2

Michelle talks about what her values in life are and how important it is to find yourself

Historian Recording of Lupe Hernandez

An interview between me and my aunt whom I admire very much.

Jeff’s Interview

The story of who Jeff Hay was and who he continues to be.

Xander’s COVID Chronicles Podcast Episode 1

This interview was conducted on November 28th with Xander Caudillo (16) and Jace Caudillo (45). I interviewed my dad about the Pandemic and how our lives have changed either good or bad. My dad works on Kirtland AirForce base so...