Eric Sawyer and Hernando Cortez

Eric Sawyer (67) interviews his friend Hernando Cortez (56) about his experience on Fire Island during the HIV/AIDS pandemic, his activism with Dancers Responding to AIDS, and how he would like to be remembered.

Don Millinger and Gary Clinton

Don Millinger (66) and his husband, Gary Clinton (70), remember their first visit to Fire Island Pines, discuss learning about AIDS, and share memories of loved ones they lost throughout the epidemic. The pair also reflect on how Fire Island...

Mark Lorenzoni and Luke Gioiosa

[Recorded: Tuesday, March 21st, 2023] Mark (67) and Luke (33) have a One Small Step conversation in Charlottesville, Virginia. Mark opened Charlottesville's hallmark running store, Ragged Mountain Running and coaches running for the community. Luke served in the Peace Corps...

Steve Desroches and Chuck Sweeney

Steve Desroches (48) talks to Chuck Sweeney (61) about his time performing as a drag queen in Provincetown, Massachusetts in the 1980s and again over the past five years, in particular as his signature character Peggy Lee.

Kyle Merker and Crayton Robey

Crayton Robey (50) interviews new friend Kyle Merker (60) about Kyle's experience living and working on Fire Island through the AIDS crisis. Kyle remembers friends that he lost, talks about his time caring for AIDS patients as a candy striper,...

Michael Johnson and Metta Johnson

Mom and son, Metta Johnson (74) and Michael Johnson (41), discuss Metta's life growing up in Georgia, her relationship with her husband Clyde Johnson, and her career as a nurse.

Nick Accardi and Charles Montorio-Archer

Charles Montorio-Archer (48) interviews his friend Nick Accardi (58), the former restaurant owner of Cola's in Chelsea, about his experience in the gay community during the AIDS epidemic and his relationship to Fire Island Pines.

Kris Grae and Gil Neary

Friends Kris Grae (56) and Gil Neary (64) discuss their experience on Fire Island during the HIV/AIDS epidemic, how they dealt with loss and grief, and how they would like to be remembered.

Crayton Robey and Tom Ciano

Crayton Robey (50) interviews his friend Tom Ciano (66) about his experience during the AIDS epidemic, being a caretaker to his partner Tom Morgan and their relationship to Fire Island Pines.

Richard Burns and Bill Goldstein

Bill Goldstein (61) interviews his friend Richard Burns (66) on his experiences during the AIDS epidemic having been apart of several advocacy, legal, and political groups providing protections to the queer community.

"I wanted to see the world:" Sailor, History Buff Paulist Father Marcos Zamora

Paulist Father Marcos Zamora joined the U.S. Navy to see the world. In many ways, he'd already experienced a lot of world culture--he grew up in a multiethnic community in Chicago and he'd studied ancient cultures en route to becoming...

Thom Hansen and Hari Nef

Hari Nef (29) interviews their conversation partner, Drag Queen Thom "Panzi" Hansen (68), about the intersectionality of their drag career in the Cherry Groove and Fire Island Pines community along with their experiences during the AIDS epidemic.

Jennifer Kingsby and Rachelle McFeely

One Small Step conversation partners Jennifer Kingsby (49) and Rachelle McFeely (52) share stories and insights from from their respective careers in sports medicine and business management. The two go on to discuss topics such as social work, adjusting to...

Sandra Halvorson and Natasha Herring

Natasha Herring (47) interviews her conversation partner Sandra "Sandy" Halvorson [no age given] about her experience getting into contact with her biological parents and how being adopted has impacted her sense of identity.

A visit with Rosalind Russell

Rosalind shared about the changes in the HIV/AIDS community and its impact on the entire City of Laguna Beach. The changes and the differences from from the past to the present were reflected in Rosalind’s experiences.