December 4, 2019 App Interview

Interviewing the owner of shooters

Story of the Southern Sasketchewan Pee-Wee Tournament

Cecil Ashford shares the story of how his Pee-Wee hockey team from Grey,Saskatchewan, won a pivotal game against the nearby Wilcox team.

Growing Up In Canada

Evan Babekuhl interviews Lexi Woodward about growing up in Canada, her decision to play boys hockey over girls hockey, and how she ended up at Concordia College.

Ethnographic Exercise 2

For my interviewed I, Alex Martin, worked with Garrett Hall in Lamson Library in Plymouth State University. We discussed the meaning of religion to him and branched on to the meaning of sports as a religion for him and took...

Peace 200

A senior at SNC, Wyatt answers some questions about his college experience. Including being on the JV hockey team, his involvement in BUD and being a computer science major.

Hockey Interview with my Dad

I asked my dad some questions related to hockey and his passion for it.

Growing up playing hockey

I interviewed my brother about going up and playing hockey throughout his life, the ups the downs and everything in between.

John LaFontaine, Lynne Trotta, and Mary Ollila

Sisters Lynne Trotta (60) and Mary Ollila (56) share a conversation with their father, John LaFontaine (86), about John’s upbringing in Connecticut, their family, the different places they lived, and how John ended up moving to Wilmington, North Carolina.


how playing sports impacts a young student in America

Interview with my dad
December 1, 2017 App Interview

A long interview with my dad about rugby his job and some difficult times in his life

Interview with Nick Julian

An interview with my cousin Nick Julian. He is a sophomore in high school and plays hockey for Malden Catholic.

High School Sports
December 14, 2021 App Interview

I talked to my dad about the sports he played in high school, including football with the dad of kids I am friends with now.

Dreams of the U.S.A.

In this interview, conducted on December 1st 2019, in Springfield, Missouri, Carson Wornig interviews his Swedish roommate named Henrik Lohman about his life and his desire to live in the U.S.A.