my participate name is Isabel. Her age is 13. Their relationship with me is my cousin, and a brief summary of the topics is about their personal experiences. 

generation learning

I (17 year old girl) wanted to interview my grandma about her life and how she sees the world

Perspective of life
November 16, 2022 App Interview

The importance of close ones in your life is the main topic of this interview. How people can affect your life, and the importance of family.

A Kiyumbi Love Story

In this interview Taraji Kiyumbi discussed the topic of love and marriage with their mother Dorothy Kiyumbi.

little weed’s journey

My name is Kirsten hales and I am 23 years old. I interviewed my grandmother carrie walker who is 75 years old. In this interview you can hear a little about her life growing up all the way up to...

My dad, the Kiwi
November 9, 2022 App Interview

loved learning new things about my father.

My MeMaw’s Life

I chose to interview my 95 y/o Memaw, Gracie Wooddy, because I love her and she has so much to share about her life. We spoke about lots of events, some she remembered, some she didn’t. This is something I...

the thanksgiving listen

my participant is my brother and his name is Johann Ramirez and he from florida

elder interview

Valerya (age 20) speaks with her Father (age 60) about his past, life lessons, and about hard times you went through.

Discussion of The Sacrament of Marriage with Coco

Discussion of marriage and background behind the Sacrament in my grandmother’s life.

interviewing immigrant mother

asking my Vietnamese Immigrant mother about how she learn how to live in America

Hi my name is Chloe Howard and I am interviewing my grandma

We talked about happy memories and what she would liked to be remember like

"My favorite gift is not a materialistic thing it's the love of my family, being around family"

Four generations of Edwards family ladies share their holiday memories, their earliest holiday memories, their favorite gifts given and received, and the most important lesson they each have learned during the holidays. (Santa Spoilers Included)

My parents journey as it begin and where it will hopefully lead.

In this interview, I, Oscar Rocha Jr., ask my parents about how they met and their journey together. I then finish off with where they see a future together with all of our family

My sister and i
October 21, 2021 App Interview

We talked about life and the events and things weve been through . We also talked about the fact that u can be who u wanna be and dont let others tell u differently

Interview With My Mom

This is an interview between myself, and my Mom. She’s my bestfriend, and the most easiest person to talk to, so I saw it best fit to interview her for my Storytelling Assignment.

My interview with Natalia Infante

this is a interpersonal interview for my speech assignment to talk to one of my family members so I like to talk about my mother because she believes that between her personal life from her childhood and the present right...

Reece’s Interview

We were talking about how we were like before and after childhood. How we love one another that family means everything.