StoryCorps Interview about Socialization and Family

I interviewed my mom, Lori McIlroy. She begins by discussing someone who had a big impact on her life. Next, she goes on to talk about her family dynamic growing up, parenting, and her career choices.

Armando Jose Villasana Donaire, a Journey from 1939 to Present

In 2016 Armando Villasana Donaire (83) was diagnosed with Lung Cancer. This was shocking news to all his family. During this time, his son Armando Villasana Aguilera (43) commuted every day from Plantation, FL to Doral, FL, and while listening...

Papa and Arielle

My Papa talks about how our family immigrated from Guyana to America. He talks about his childhood in Guyana, and transitioning to the United States as an adult.

Juan Partida’s Life

My dad, Juan Partida, shares about his early childhood, favorite family traditions, and how he met my mom.

Erin Nanney, Douglas Hoff, and Michaela Haberkern

Erin Nanney (32), Douglas Hoff (55) and Michaela Haberkern (56) talk about their relationship as niece, uncle and aunt.

Questions with Mom

I (Maria Wagner (18)) interviewed my mom (Chris Wagner (54)) on Saturday, April 8th, 2023. We talked about many topics relating to her childhood, family traditions, hardships, happy memories, and her life today! We enjoyed getting to sit down together...

Interview with Grandma Pam Eckstein

Emma Graves interviews her grandma (Grandma Pam) and they talk about her life growing up, and what it is like now.