Interview with Ramona Rensi

I interviewed my grandmother for a school project

Mom interview

It was an emotional interview. I got a lot of good information

My Grandmother’s Life❤️

My grandmother, Michelle Cozzi, answers thoughtfully about her childhood, education, husband, children, wise people, and the greatest advice she recieved. All the questions I asked had touched her so dearly she choked up with tears. She loves her family with...

Grandma’s love story

The story of how my boyfriends grandma meet his grandpa.

Interview with Mom

We talked about me and the struggles that came along with me as a child.

The best oma ever

We talked about different things and how I am her life

Great Grandmas Altamirano and Huntley

Conversations of early life, the similarities of life through out California in the 40’s and 50’s, Love life

Interviewing my mom

Asking my mom about pregnancy and having me


Beggining of her love life

A Mother’s Love

This is my wonderful mother telling me about her love life with my father and her three children, including me.

Zaidian Van Orden interviewing his grandmother, Linda Horning.

I interviewed my grandmother, Linda Horning, about my pap, my mom, and her childhood.

Mio papa

In this summary we speak about my fathers past and a little bit of the present.

My Mom

This is about how my parents met and their happiest times together

Life of my mommy

Me and my mother was talking about her life and childhood growing up and other things like that.

Eric’s epic interview

i interview my mom about great questions

Sutton Van Vo

Sutton’s grandson, me, sits down for an an interview with his grandpa, talking about love and war.

Makayla interview

Deep conversation with my bud Makayla.

The Great Listen

We talked about life and how it important it is.