My Dad and Me

Brittany Jones is the interviewer, and Harold Jones is being interviewed, the relationship is father-daughter. This is a small glimpse of our life and the things we have overcome, we are grateful for the opportunities we have worked for, that...

My Great Listen 2022 interview

I was asking questions to one of my parents about my family's past.

interview with mom

i interviewed my mom, she talked about how she’s proud and how she struggled too see me at my lows. she talked about her happiness memories. i’m just glad me and my mom got closer over the years.

Interviewing my mom :)

This is my mommy and I interviewed her today and the best thing happened!!

Listen Project

I learned a lot about nana and some about my mom like how she skipped the 2nd grade and went to 3rd and how my nana became a pastor

Interview With Girlfriend

I interviewed my girlfriend Mackenzie, she is 16 and very close to me.

My Role Model Story❤️
March 14, 2023 App Interview

This interview is about Tiffany Wright and she is 37 years old she is mom but also my role model and these are a few questions about her life and our life as a family. My name is Azaria Williams...

Thanksgiving interview

I did this interview with my great grandma over thanksgiving break. This was a good fun time.

Interviews Project about Grandparents

This is a short interview about my grandparents who are my father’s parents. My grandparents were very special to my father and should be talked about. This interview is very genuine and is from the deepest part of my father’s...

Alvin Banks and Harley andrews

Alvin banks and I discussed the morals that our parents thought us and how even tho we are different races we were tonight the same things.

2 brothers, 1 heart

This interview is meant to connect and create bridges between my brother Daniel and myself Thomas. This is my first Ep. so please enjoy...

My mother is also my teacher

My mom is a teacher who has taught at a primary school for about 25 years. I want to make clear on how she feel about teaching through this way. And by her sincere speaking, I really feel how great...

interviewing immigrant mother

asking my Vietnamese Immigrant mother about how she learn how to live in America

Nana’s Interview

In this Interview I, Lisette Santana, Interviewed my little sister Ariana santana. She is 15 years old and is a Freshmen in High school. We talked about things ranging from our past, friendships and our future.

An Interview with my mom

Asking my mom, Linda Franco, questions about her and what she remembers about me when I was little. Getting to know more about her life before she has me and also going through past memories.


my participate name is Isabel. Her age is 13. Their relationship with me is my cousin, and a brief summary of the topics is about their personal experiences. 

Perspective of life
November 16, 2022 App Interview

The importance of close ones in your life is the main topic of this interview. How people can affect your life, and the importance of family.

A Kiyumbi Love Story

In this interview Taraji Kiyumbi discussed the topic of love and marriage with their mother Dorothy Kiyumbi.

little weed’s journey

My name is Kirsten hales and I am 23 years old. I interviewed my grandmother carrie walker who is 75 years old. In this interview you can hear a little about her life growing up all the way up to...

My dad, the Kiwi
November 9, 2022 App Interview

loved learning new things about my father.

My MeMaw’s Life

I chose to interview my 95 y/o Memaw, Gracie Wooddy, because I love her and she has so much to share about her life. We spoke about lots of events, some she remembered, some she didn’t. This is something I...

the thanksgiving listen

my participant is my brother and his name is Johann Ramirez and he from florida