The One Time I Actually Listened to My Parents! : )

Kate began by asking about her parents’ childhoods and growing up with siblings, reflecting on emergency room visits and their closeness. Her parents then talked about where they met, dating, and their marriage proposal. Then they reflected on deciding their...

My sister and I talk about her childhood and how it shaped how she lives today.

In this interview, conducted in June 2018 in Virginia Beach, Virginia, Mackenzie Mobbs (17) interviews her sister Ashley Cimino (23) about her childhood and how it shaped her adulthood. Ashley talks mainly about her teenage life between jobs, mentors, and...

Joanne Graffam Stories of Her Life

We discussed her parents and grandparents and how she met her husband and what my mom was like.

Brianna Gambichler talks to Ray Gambichler about being a father and growing up with a big family in the eighties.

Brianna (20) and her father Ray (52) talking briefly about his life growing up the youngest of seven siblings, what it was like growing up in the 80s, and how he feels about being a father to two girls and...

Small talk with Regan White

Sit down with us for a minute while we talk about small topics from siblings to teachers and our future. e encourage you to answer along to the questions as well!


A dinner table conversation with my siblings.

The bond between siblings

In this interview my little brother Santiago Arce and I Melanie Arce have an interview session, and I asked him questions that I never asked him before..

An only child talks to her mom about what having siblings was like.

Talking and informing me about how her childhood was different from mine with having siblings living with her.

Little sisters life

Me and my sister discuss some serious life questions

Interview with my older sister

I interviewed my sister and her perspective on live and just fun memories.

Discovering the Bling in Life with Francesca DiGiovanni and Susan Pescatore!

Francesca (15) interviews her Aunt Susie (52) on December 5, 2022 about their childhoods and how their lives have changed as the years go by. They discuss the difference in how they both grew up and their wishes for the...

Gurdip Kaur Grewal’s

Today I interviewed Mrs. Gurdip Kaur Grewal who is my grandmother she is 72 years old. Some things that we talked about were some of the things her and her siblings like to do when they were younger. Another topic...

My little brother

This is me getting to know my brother for who he is and his life goals and how he feels being as young as he is and just who he is a person

Storytelling with my Older Brother

I interview my older brother on his passions and how he views us as siblings.

An Interview with My Sister

I chat with my sister about her experiences so far.

Thanksgivings Interview

Im asking my mom about how she was courageous in her life and the risks she had to take. I also ask her about her childhood and how she met my father. There was a few tears but I really...

My Elder Sisters Story

asking my sister questions about her life, the good, and the bad.

One on one talk with my sister

I sat my sister down and ask questions i’ve wanted to know about her or things i wanted her to elaborate more on.

Sibling Fireside Chat

I sat down with my older sister Karina Livingston to get to know her better. Her and I are 11 years apart and are enjoying our newly found sibling time.