5/30/2020 – Memorial Day

Nanny, Uncle Joe and Mandy discuss Memorial Day memories, Mikey calls in briefly.

Interview With My Dad

I interviewed my father to learn about his life. He reflected on memories of his family and his past.

Born and Raised 7,660 Miles Away

As holidays comes around, my stepfather grew up in a small village where they did not celebrate any holiday expect New Years. Coming to the United States, him and his family had to adapt to their environment by celebrating Thanksgiving...

Briana Matusovsky and Jessica Cramer on Celebrating Life

Briana interviewed Jessica, her roommate, on Norwegian traditions and memories with her family. Jessica discussed how her late grandparents continuously inspire her everyday.

Isabelle Papa and her dad Joe Papa talk about childhood memories and growing up in a big family.

In this interview, Isabelle Papa talks to her dad, Joe Papa, about his childhood and his experience with growing up with four sisters. He shares both happy and sad memories, but says that overall he was lucky to have such...

Gissell Flores and her aunt Gabriela Pinedo talk about life lessons.

In this interview, Gissell Flores and her aunt, Gabriela Pinedo, talk about some of the lessons life has taught them. Her aunt shares a profound religious experience she had with her younger child, Jacob. She gives teenagers an advice that...

Summary of Cathy’s childhood

This interview took place at my grandmas house in November 2017. My grandmas name in Catherine Taylor and we talked about her life as a child and into adulthood.

Interview of Damion Anderson

Marcus is a mostly white 14 year old, autistic, homeschool student. Damion is a half black-half white, 44 year old. geriatric nurse. This interview is actually an Oral History project that Marcus was doing for school. Marcus ended up talking...

Wyatt Candies Interview with my Grandma

In this interview, I (17)spoke with my grandmother, Juanita Candies (75) about her childhood and life experiences. We talked about school, religion, jobs, and relationships

The Importance of Coming Together for the Holidays

My grandparents answered questions about faith and the holidays when they were growing up. Both of them grew up in the 1950s and were born right before WW2 ended and then right after.

The Holidays are Confusing | with Honami Abiko

We talk about the differences of Japanese and American cultures in the aspects of school, holidays, and overall relationships with people.

Leo aguilera and his Step Dad Ricardo Trejo talk about personal experiences Mr. Trejo has gone through.

In this interview conducted on November 2017 in Lakeway, Tx, Leo Aguilera (17) interviews his step dad Ricardo Trejo (42) about his childhood, personal experiences, and goals in life. Mr. Trejo shares stories about his personal love life and things...

Mom’s Famous Pumpkin Pie
December 27, 2018 App Interview

Mom shows me how to make her homemade pumpkin pie with real pumpkin.

An interview with my mom

My name is Maxmilian Mizis (16) and I interviewed my mom, Macy Geiger (43). We talked about what it was like living with two other siblings, her grandparents, school, and her job and how its changed from what she originally...

Thanksgiving Conversation With My Mother
November 22, 2018 App Interview

We talk about my mother's childhood and what she is grateful for. This interview also features my sister Alicia and her dog Sapphire.

Jim Abel

This was an interview with my grandfather Jim Abel who lives in Brooklyn and is retired

Thanksgiving with Eván

During the 2017 Thanksgiving, Summer interviewed her aunt Eván Fu for The Great Thanksgiving Listen. She is currently attending Pratt Institute as an art major and will soon graduate. This interview digs deeper into her past and has many laughs...

A StoryCorps Interview with my brother

We talked about Santino’s life, and some of his favorite memories, holidays, his advice, and more!

interview with liam

I asked liam about things he remembered from a few years ago, stuff like where he grew up, fun memories, and important people in his life

Liam Gebert and Susan Snyder talk about family, tradition and memories.

Liam Gebert (17) and Susan Snyder (54) talk about their heritage, christmas and family. Susan talks of her fathers effect of her life, her hobbies and job today. She talks of how the great depression effected her father. And how...