Marius Gherovici: To live, to survive, and a search for new home.

Marius Gherovici (94) talks about his family and his experience pre, present, and post World War II. His experience as being an Ethnic Jew during the German occupation of Romania, and his life during his time of the Romanian Chisnau...

Paulina Castiel & Annette Weinberg

Paulina, during the war the Nazis would make their lives miserable. When she was four they were taken from their home in Romania and forced them into a ghetto where they waited to be taken to Auschwitz. Her father was...

Frieda Thompson & Susan Leitch

Frieda was nine yrs-old when the war broke out. Her family tried to get out of Germany, but were stopped by the gestapo. Her father was sent to a camp and killed, but she and her mother and brothers escaped...

Aidan George and Kathryn George

Kathryn George (54) and her son, Aidan George (14), talk about KG's difficult childhood, the lessons she learned from it, and how those lessons are being passed down to AG.

Miriam "Merry" Bauch & Katy Abelson

When the war broke out, Merry's father and brother were sent to concentrations camps where they were killed. She was sent to a separate camp from her mother, but managed to find one another later in Zakopane, Poland after the...

Mike Silver, Holocaust survivor memories

Mike Silver (87) talks with his nieces, Helena Schwarz and Peppi Dotan, about life in Poland during the Holocaust (part 1)

12 months, 12 camps, 12 years old: A Dark Time in History.

At just 12 years old, Edith Frankie’s life was turned upside down. She went from having friends to being called an ugly jew, having rocks and mud thrown at her, and being forced to wear the yellow star on all...

Marion Gruber, Suzy Blough, Sara Blough, and Randi Yablon

Marion Gruber (86) visits StoryCorps Atlanta to talk about her life with her daughters, Randi Yablon (62) and Suzy Blough (61), as well as her granddaughter Sara Blough (27).

Mawmaw Interview 1/11/24 (Part I)

45 minute interview with my 88 year old grandmother who is a Holocaust survivor. Topics ranged from meeting my grandfather, advice for future generations and relationship with god/religion. Stay tuned for Part I