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Johanna Bernard and her Grandmother Mary J. Rawson talk about growing up

Johanna and Mary talk about how home life was back then. They also discuss some good life lessons,pets she had growing up,and some events that have happened.

Interview With My Brother

Paul was very willing to answer my questions. I learn more and more about him every day. I’m excited to see what the future brings to not only our relationship as family, but also our friendship.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen – Katie Zabel

In this interview, my mom, Katie Zabel and I discussed her childhood. She told me about her favorite stories and memories regarding school, sports, and home life.

Interviweing my dad

In this interview I asked my dad a series of questions ranging from who looked up to him to who’s his favorite Disney princess. We get into his childhood and into people he has knows forever.

Immigration Interview

In this interview we talked about George Juliano’s experiences with coming to America as well as what his home was like before he cam to the US.

Final Project

Brylee and I discussed a few different questions about times and people throughout her life.

Grandma and Grandpa McCort

This interview is with my paternal grandparents, asking them questions about their past and present life.

Interviewing Daniel

I interviewed my boyfriend Daniel. He’s usually really awkward so I first asked him a few basic questions as a warm up and then went on to ask a bit more serious ones.

Story Corps Thanksgiving Interview

In summary me and my dad have always been very close. I’ve known some of the answers to certain questions but overall I learned more about his home life. I believe he is the biggest influences to me. He’s always...

Greg interviews his Dad (Mark Fisher)

I ask my dad about his life and how he grew up. Also I ask him about parenting.

Grandma and Grandpa McCort

This interview is with my paternal grandparents, asking them questions about their past and present life.

Brittani and her Grandparents sit down and share a sentimental moment.

In this interview, done on November 27th,2016 in Flint,Michigan, Brittani Bridgett(15) and Mary(68)&Mike(68) Williams discuss their marriage,childhood,their own children and family stories while laughter and tears were shared between us three. While we were conversing,traveling for work and the holidays...

Eliza’s narrative

Eliza's What's It Like place narrative for English II Fersch

Sister interview

Discussing sisters experiences and home/school life


What was the home and teenage life of Jon. And what was the most Memorable moments of his life