Aimee [No Name Given] and Stan Burke

One Small Step partners Aimee [No Name Given] (44) and Stan Burke (66) discuss government size and the importance of social programs, gender identity, raising children with and without special needs, the state of democracy and our electoral system. and...

Augustine Byamasu and Barbara Arne

Friends Barbara Arne (63) and Augustine Byamasu (46) talk about his journey with his family from a refugee camp in Zimbabwe, to being a home owner in Georgia.

Stacy Jackson and Kelley Kellis

Kelley Kellis (47) interviews her friend Stacy Salters Jackson (49) about what home means to her, her experience having had seventeen different addresses in Kalamazoo, and what she would like landlords in Kalamazoo to know.

Young Home Ownership in a pandemic

The home ownership during the pandemic for a young teacher, and home owning tips for her students in the future.