Interview with Big brother

Andre talked about his career, family, religion, and his life in school.

My Grandpa and I Great Thanksgiving Listen

My grandpa's life what was like living back then, what he liked about it, how he liked it, his milestones, the story of his life. The information that everyone should know about there relatives and information that every should have...

Interview with my mother, Dawn

This interview captures how my mother's childhood experience growing up in Beverly, Massachusetts has shaped the life morals and values she teaches to her children today.

Darren Wells and Robert Craig

Darren Wells (55) shares a conversation with his mentee, Robert Craig (25), about their commitment to honesty and the role of “agreeing to disagree” in their relationship.

Lisa Dorner and Tiffany Robertson

Friends Lisa Dorner (51) and Tiffany Robertson (49) reflect on how race, gentrification, and police brutality have influenced their Shaw neighborhood community in St. Louis, Missouri.

Self interview

When I went to high school and someone took my identity. Also about my conflict with my friend.

Getting to Know Carol Bulwinkle

Carol Bulwinkle was born in Santa Barbra, California and moved to Charlotte North Carolina shortly after she got Polio as a child. The effects still impact her today. She grew up in Charlotte and moved to Charleston, South Carolina when...

Charlie Bryant and Kenyatta Hills

Charlie Bryant (99) tells his granddaughter Kenyatta Hills (32) about his life working as a farmworker and truck driver, about his love of God, and his love of cooking.

Alicia Jackson and Pep Conley

Significant others, Alicia Jackson (49) and Pep Conley (54), share a conversation about the lessons they have learned in life, trust, honesty, relationships, and about their lives growing up.

Interview with my Great-Grandpa, Marvin Bach

This interview was conducted by Viggo Bergs (9) on November 26, 2022. He interviews his Great- Grandpa, Marvin Michael Bach from Wheaton, MN. They discuss everything from growing up to the military.

APUSH Interview with Uncle Rich

Interview with my Uncle Rich who lives in San Fransisco, California

Interviewing My Grandmother, Marilyn Olsen

My grandmother talked about the various experiences she has had throughout her life, and explains how they have shaped who she is. She discussed many important topics such as education, family and honesty, and I have learned a lot about...


This is an interview that I, Preston Mace, Age 18, held with my father, Dr. James Mace Age 52. He is a very successful Dentist in Washington, Missouri who has won several awards as well as being in big dental...

Interview with James Pedersen

We talked about a basic summary of the lessons that James has learned throughout his life and any distinct memories.

Wisdom and Love

Tracy Fouts(John Campbell’s friends mother) was interviewed in Egg Harbor Twp, NJ by John Campbell. Tracy talks about growing up, moving around,mistakes she made but explains how important they are to make up who Tracy is today. Tracy shows how...

Father Daughter

This is a conversation with my father about his life and how much I love him

Marianne Reinerman and Rob Reinerman

"You can be anything you put your mind to" Marianne Reinerman (60) talks about parenthood with her son, Rob Reinerman (36). Marianne reflects on the values and opportunities she hoped to provide to her son that influenced the way she...

A message to the future

In this interview, we discussed about some main things we want to be able to inspire for the future to improve overtime. Also, how it was like in the past for living in the Phillipines.

Gpa interview :)

We went over 4 questions talking about when my grandpa was younger. The interview went chronology, we started when he was very young and went up to high school and through college and career. He gave insights on those memories...

How they changed their lives

Mrs.Hisley talks about her life as a child. Where she grew up. I asked her about being an immigrant and what it was like at that age. I also asked her the dummest thing she did in her life. I...