Hong Kong Adventures

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My Sister, Sarah

Talked about her experience of coming to the US and her thoughts on our relationship.

Vilma and Jesse Remedios

Vilma Remedios talks with her grandson, Jesse Remedios, about growing up in Hong Kong during World War II, falling in love with her husband, Eddie, and fulfilling her dreams of moving to the United States.

Interview with my Grandma about the wonders of the world and how reading influenced her life

We talked about traveling and how important it is to explore the world. Also the influence that reading had on her life and how it inspired to open up her mind.

On his own, from Hong Kong to America

I sit down with my maternal grandfather, Marcus Woo (Gung-Gung), to talk about coming to and growing up in America.

8,044 miles from home

Kyle Yeung, son of Chiu Yeung, interviews his father to learn more about his childhood and what the process was like moving from Hong Kong to New York at the age of 17 with three sisters. In this interview, Chiu...