Sandy’s Story

My mom immigrated to the United States when she was 24, leaving behind her family and her two-year-old daughter. I am her second daughter, born in the US, and I knew next to nothing about her life before she had...

An Interview with Evan

I’ve always wanted to have an interview with my older brother Evan. Today, we discuss childhood, depression, and influences!

Thoughts of a Freshman- Age 15

Since we are so young and didn’t have a profound story to share, this is more of a snapshot into the way we interact at this phase in our lives, from which I hope to look back on.

Interview With My Boyfriend

Just a casual interview with my boyfriend to see how he felt about things and such, especially music and his views on things.

Learning To Love Yourself

Today my friend Rebecca and I talk about the issues we’ve experienced with body image and how to overcome those kinds of obstacles.

Interview of the Mr. Sturgeon of Hoover High School

This is an interview of Mr. Sturgeon. He is the APUSH teacher of Hoover High School and one of the most compassionate and caring person I have ever met.

Dewey’s Interview

This is an interview to document the life of my grandmother, Anita Lynn Ledbetter Sparks. She means a lot to me and I hope to share her life with future generations to come.

Remembering Alice Stifter A.K.A Grammy

7 years ago my Grammy Alice Stifter passed away from liver cancer. Today my mom and I joined together to remember her exciting and eventful life.

My Father and I

I talked about my father’s life as a youth and how he was influenced by his mother and surroundings. Also touched on how he would have raised me differently based off my half-brother and him becoming a parent as a...

My Dad’s Adventure

“It’s been 8 years being cancer free.” On December 10, 2017, Lea Gonzales interviews her Father on what his childhood and school was like l. Towards the end and the middle of the interview her father talks about how he...

“I met your mother at her bachelorette party…”

This is an interview of me and my dad. I learned some information that I didn’t know prior to this interview, but I do know thay despite our bickering, we love each other very much.