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Matthew Leiseth

Matt Leiseth, President of Hornbachers grocery stores, talks about his experiences and the stores during winter.

Glenn Thoreson and the 1966 Blizzard

Dr. Glenn Thoreson recalls becoming stranded on rural roads during the 1966 blizzard.

Eric Eisenlohr ~ Captain, Fargo Fire Department

A conversation with Fire Fighter Eric Eisenlohr for the Winter Stories project at Concordia College (Moorhead)

Lillian Thompson’s Story Part 2

Lillian Thompson, age 101, is being interviewed by her daughter, Linda Smith. Part 2 is a collection of stories from her life.

Life in North Dakota

My grandfather is from Germany before moving to North Dakota. He's been a farmer, a trucker, a father, and a grandfather.

Anna Ferris and Harold Korb

Anna Ferris (17) talks with her grandfather Harold Korb (78) about his childhood on a farm in North Dakota and his role in developing one of the earliest memory storage systems in US history.

Lynsie Clott and Larry Clott

Lynsie Clott (35) talks with her father Larry Clott (71) about growing up in North Dakota, and getting into a car accident at age 20 in which he broke his neck and became quadriplegic. Larry recalls that he was told...