The Journey Through Life, With Mrs. Linda

Interview with Anna Hoover and Linda L' Orange. Trips around the world, moving from Canada to the US. Talks of love and wisdom.

Lanae Lang x Grandma Virginia
September 25, 2020 App Interview

Lanae Lang: 2020-09-25 12:56:30. Lanae Lang (20) talks with her Grandma (89) about her life growing up.

Bing Willett and Lucas Willett

Bing (Pa) Willett (85) interviewed by Lucas Willett (16) about childhood in a small midwest town.

Gary Smith and Jaye Smith

Jaye Smith interview conducted by Gary Smith: 2020-06-29 22:24:31 Gary (59) and his dad, Jaye (77) reminiscing.

Emily and Morgan's Practice Interview

Emily and Morgan talk about struggles with Covid-19 and other hindering issues.

A happy childhood

An 11 year (me) old interviews his 76 year old grandma in search of some good answers and more information about her. It is just 13 minutes of pure happy responses.

interview with my Dad.

In this interview, I ask questions about my Dad's life growing up: 2020-11-29 01:00:50

Claire Dolan and Sally Palmer

Sally Palmer (80) discusses the nuances of living in 2020's quarantine with her granddaughter Claire Dolan (13).

Interview with Ellen Regan (great aunt): Part One

Ellen talks about her amazing childhood and influences as a teacher before the audio cuts out.

Interview with Dana

Maddy Thompson (53) talks asks her friend Dana Doss (54) to share some stories and reflection on life. Dana talks about her favorite childhood memory of doing barrel races on her Shetland pony, life growing up in the south, her...

Tasia Talton and Cynthia Talton

Tasia Talton: 2020-09-27 23:39:08 Tasia Talton (20) interviews her mother, Cynthia Talton (50) on eight questions about her personal experiences, inspirations, valuable lessons, and love life.

Kiara Nagle

Kiara Nagle (16) talks to her mother, Kathleen Genova (52) about memories and events of her life.

Peer Interview with Alexander Call

Natalie and Alex discuss nicknames, high school, and physics.

Middle School

asking my mother questions about her middle school experience.