My Great Thanksgiving Listen

In this interview, I had my grandpa talk about his military life, and his childhood life. I also found out his political views, and what he thinks about politics

Mimi interview

This is a recount of many of the life events and adventures of my grandmother.

Grandma’s Panties Fall Down

My lovely great grandmother talks about the wars and hard times she has endured in her life.

Brendon Hwang

Talking with Mr.Husch about his life

Najee Greenlee (15) and his aunt Pallestean (56) discuss her past and the shortcomings of the legal system.

Najee Greenlee interviews his great aunt Pallestean and she recounts her childhood. She talks about growing up on a farm with her fairly large family and how her life was like. Later the interview goes on to her post-secondary education...

Julie Boden

The interview was about the life of how she grew up and what her job is.

Judy Cowan being interviewed by Graeme Cowan – her first 18 years

This covered her time at Vaucluse public, going away to Gwandalan farm, SCEGGS, and holidays in Forster.

Storycorps interview Lily Larkin DeBoard

I talked to Emily about a range of different topics. Mostly about her life and where she sees her future going and all her successes

Interview with Spencer Castle

Spencer Castle and wht he is becoming a nurse.

Life as a woman in the 1930s

An interview with Mary Drewes on her mother’s life as a woman, wife, and mother in the 1930s.

3 Generations Baking and Talking Together

Three generation of Winchell women chat about Camilla's early life and family history while baking Christmas cookies and watching a snowstorm.

Growing Seeds

00:29 Y: When I was little and started farming, I was given a small tool. And they tell you to get the weeds. And when you get bigger you would start plowing the dirt, big pieces. The mothers and fathers...

Lee Hutchinson

We talked about, life in the 50s, music, and the coming about of TV. Then, I asked him about his experiences as a farmer during the Vietnam War, and his views on how farming has changed.

Interview 1

In this Interview conducted in November 2018 in Sidney,Montana.Ashton Neu interviews grandmother Bonnie Neu about her childhood on the farm.Bonnie also shares about her family experiences.At the end Bonnie talks about her memories of me as a child.

Urban farming with Noelle Trueheart

Noelle manages an urban farm in Denver, Colorado. Her unique experiences and educational path led her to this farm and the amazing work being done here.

My Dad

I and my father had a rather productive discussion about life.

Gran’s Childhood

My Gran (Edna Fowler) talks about growing up on a farm in rural Alabama, where she lived with her parents, siblings, and maternal grandparents during the Great Depression.

Grandma Dee's Apple Pie

Dee Blakeman talks with her grandson, Connor, about what food was like as a person who grew up on a farm, and about her famous apple pie!

Avery Walkoviak interviews her grandfather about growing up on a farm and their family heritage.

This interview took place in Eugene, Oregon on November 29th. Avery Walkoviak (13) interviewed her grandfather Larry Walkoviak (67) about growing up on a farm as a son of a Catholic Polish immigrant. Larry shares about his family on his...