Kathleen Allen’s 80th Birthday

Linda and I shared our fondest memories of time with Kathy. We told stories and shared how much of an impact Kathy has had on our lives!

Pam Calary and Joan Schatzman

[Recorded: Thursday, March 17, 2022] Pam Calary (59) and Joan Schatzman (70) have a One Small Step conversation in Charlottesville, Virginia. They share their journeys of coming to Charlottesville, and bond over their mutual profession of running guest-houses in the...

Steven Rauscher and Brandon Thrash – "Working in this Industry Right Now is Not the Same"

Steven Rauscher (33) and Brandon Thrash discuss the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on Philadelphia's service and hospitality industry, with a special focus on how the value of service and hospitality in America needs to be redefined and reframed moving...

Mary-Catherine Deibel and David Waters

Friends Mary-Catherine Deibel (70) and David Waters (61) talk about their passion for hospitality and the way in which food connects everyone. They talk about Community Servings and how they have been able to serve those who are critically ill...

Hospitality and my Career

A brief overview of what I've been doing in school and my passion for hospitality

Cathy Barker and Dick Weaver

Cathy Barker (66) shares a unique story with her husband Dick Weaver (68) centered around her family's long practice of hospitality and inclusion. Cathy shares a story about about Jacques, her mother's life-long friend, who was rejected by his parents...

Gina Agulto and Kevin Koliner

Gina Agulto (48) talks with her friend and the attorney in her case, Kevin Koliner (45), about her experience being labor trafficked from the Philippines to the United States. Gina talks about how the new position in hospitality was presented...

Lusharon Wiley and Jason Nicholson

Friends and colleagues Dr. Lusharon Wiley (69) and Jason Nicholson (48) share a conversation about Jason’s philosophy of life, the obstacles he has faced, and the lessons he has learned.

Julie McLeod and Alex Wu

Creating Community Through Sharing Stories: Julie McLeod shares her life story growing up in Boston with strong Catholic faith, and how she came to Andover with a strong sense of wanting to help others. This led her to volunteer in...

The Change in this World

Since 1948 so much has changed... families have grown apart and so have communities. So much anger and distance is depicted on television that people believe that is the way that life is supposed to be. I’m earlier times and...

Steven Rauscher and Harry Jamison – "You Seem Like the Happiest One"

Steven Rauscher (33) and Harry Jamison (29) discuss the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on employment, opportunity, and happiness in the City of Brotherly Love. Recording issues dogged the first half (and even a bit of the second half) of...

Connie Lee and Lynn Thompson

Reverend Connie Lee (65) talks with her friend, Lynn Thompson (72), about their friend Charles Black and the various ministries they are involved with at the First Presbyterian Church of Atlanta.

Elizabeth Garman and Rachel Manchester

Elizabeth shared her amazing life journey, teen pregnancy, loss of baby, humanitarian work with hemophilia education in impoverished countries, COVID journey and loss of family members, strength in adversity, a life of meaning and purpose, Providence mission. faith, leading with...