Jennie Dalgas and Jennifer Mickelson

Jennie Dalgas (38) and her colleague Jennifer Mickelson (28) discuss their experiences running and working in early childhood education programs. They discuss the circumstances, brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, that led Jennie to close her program, and Jennifer to...

Danelle [No Name Given] and Ann Hawley

One Small Step conversation partners Danelle [No Name Given] (43) and Ann Hawley (45) discuss their shared experiences as educators and the roles that faith, family, and travel play in their lives.

Bailey Naber and Rixa Evershed

Friends and coworkers Bailey Naber (22) and Rixa Evershed (50) share memories of working at Nature Nurtures Farm, a childcare program in Washington. They discuss the impact COVID-19 has had on their work and what it meant to them to...

Richard Mussler-Wright and Jane Zink

Colleagues Richard Mussler-Wright (56) and Jane Zink (56) share a conversation about their children’s experiences in preschool, the importance of accessible childcare, and their work in early childhood education.

Louise Jaffe and Shari Davis

Louise Jaffe [no age given] talks with her friend and colleague Shari Davis [no age given] about their activism work in Santa Monica advocating for public policy, especially public education and early childhood education. They talk about the volunteer organization...

Janice Wood and Erica Wood-Bedi

Erica Wood-Bedi (44) has a conversation with her mother Janice Wood (73) about her legacy in early child education and social work in the community of Joliet, Illinois, some of her experiences as the owner of a daycare center, and...

Luz Horta and Aida Aguirre

Coworkers Luz Horta [no age given] and Aida Aguirre [no age given] discuss their work at the Better Beginnings child care center in New Jersey, and what they like about being a bilingual center, and how they have been impacted...

Kristi Snyder and Bonnie Caldwell

Kristi Snyder (50) and her friend and colleague Bonnie Caldwell (59) chat about their work together at Rainbow Riders, a childcare program in Blacksburg, VA. They also reflect on challenges that have come with the COVID-19 pandemic, and how they...

Leah Moore and Roshanna Beard

Colleagues Leah Moore (40) and Roshanna Beard (33) talk about their experiences and journeys as educators. They discuss the importance of advocating for their students and families, and remember becoming PBS Kids Early Learning Champions.

Katina Moss and Qian Cheng

One Small Step partners Katina Moss (49) and Qian Cheng (31) share a conversation about their identities and their experiences in the United States. Qian talks about her experience as an immigrant from China and Katina speaks about her experience...

Nicole Piper and Jennifer Crouch

Nicole Piper (47) and Jennifer Crouch (43) discuss their roles as directors of child care programs, share how their industry and community has been impacted by COVID-19, and reflect on why they chose early childhood education as their careers.

Jennifer Rackliff and Priscilla Acosta

Friends and colleagues Jennifer Rackliff (38) and Priscilla Acosta (33) discuss how their lives have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, and also talk about how tribal communities and the Cherokee Nation in particular have managed child care during the...

Joanne Hurt and Tammy Mann

Joanne Hurt (55) and her colleague Tammy Mann (56) discuss their work as leaders in the field of equity in early childhood education, how their industry has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, and what has given them hope as...

Kate DeRolf and Erika Watkins

Colleagues Erika Watkins (45) and Kate DeRolf (39) describe their experiences as early childhood educators and child care providers in their NorthWest Indiana community. They describe their journeys to their work, and some of the challenges they face, particularly at...

Jerletha McDonald and Valora Washington

Jerletha McDonald (40) talks with her mentor Valora Washington (66) about her experiences as a child care provider and advocate, including her work alongside and advocating for women of color in the industry.