Lisa Mays and Niya Butler

Lisa Mays (50) is interviewed by Niya Butler (16) about living on Franklin Road in Marietta, GA, volunteering her time with YELLS, a community organization, and being proud to be 50.

Veronica Seymour and Marian Atkins

Marian Atkins (65) shares what she knows about her mother's life story with her daughter, Veronica Seymour (35). They discuss how she survived World War II as a child in Japan, what it was like for her to immigrate first...

Life as Wilmer

Listen as my step-father speaks about his life as a teenager, as a child and his current life. He speaks fondly of his grandmother and parents as they always treated him nicely and made him who he is today. We...

Sachi Enochty and Claudia [No name given]

Sachi Enochty (59) interviews her friend and client Claudia [No name given] (64) about her treatments at Charlotte Maxwell and the way that acupuncture has helped her live beyond her prognosis.

Kelli Badesheim and Diana Lachiondo

Friends Kelli Badesheim (60) and Diana Lachiondo (41) sit down to remember Diana's father, David Lachiondo, and to appreciate the impact that he has had on their lives and their community.

Covid-19: Betsy Cook of National Picnic

Jackie Neale talks with her friend and clothing designer, Betsy Cook, about how it feels to follow her inner call to action to use her clothing storefront boutique, National Picnic, to make hundreds of face masks for medical professionals in...