Kath Van Winkle and Barron Evans

One Small Step partners Kath Van Winkle (66) and Barron Evans (68) have a conversation about their mutual desire for clarity in political conversations, politics in their communities and families, and the role of faith in their viewpoints.

Ut Prosim

Emma Jones talks about her passion for service and pursuing her dream career as a humanitarian worker.

A New Perspective

A humanitarian trip to India changes an individual’s outlook on people placed in her life.

Jeryl's Justification

Entrepreneurship comes in many different faces. As I was discovering new moving stories of incredible people and their passion for creation, I found one that spoke to me. Jeryl's Journey, Jeryl is the mastermind that came up with the incredible...

Flying Farmers

Ralph Breding grew up in rural Idaho and, with his family, farmed land that his German grandparents homesteaded in 1912. Ralph’s daughter, Lesa, interviews him about the intersection of farming and flying airplanes beginning with his parents, Gilbert and Gertrude...

Sudan Civil War: A Family’s Experience

This interview was done in Claremont on Tuesday May 22, 2018. I interviewed Francis Wani who immigrated to the United States during the war to escape the violence in Sudan. Now he is president of a charity that helps immigrants...

Queenie Marie Vesey and Na’Myiah Nevaeh Vesey

The Vesey Girls Queenie Marie Vesey (40) and her daughter Na’Myiah Nevaeh Vesey (18) talk about hard truths and healing, Na’Myiah’s journey navigating school, and making a difference.

Traveling Back to the Past With Archana Rajasekaran and her Grandfather’s Journey to Adulthood in India

This interview took place on November 24, 2023, through the phone in Birmingham, Alabama. Archana Rajasekaran (17) interviews her grandfather Soorappan (68), who is currently living in India. Speaking in their native language (Tamil), they talk about her grandfather's childhood,...

Live, Laugh, Love Episode 1: Sumner Bell

On the primary episode of Live, Laugh, Love I interview my compatriot, Sumner Bell. We talk Christopher Nolan, Astrophysics, Indians and integrity. This interview is guaranteed to bring a smirk to the mouth.