Hayden And Phyllis talk about growing up and family roots

Hayden Interviews his Grandmother, Phyllis Barrett about the way that She grew up in Rexburg and Rigby Idaho. Phyllis also talks about her children and her Parents and Grandparents. The interview is interesting because you get to know someone else’s...

Growing up on a farm in Idaho and some other things

Growing up in rural and urban Idaho, stories about my mom

A Day with Hazel Pharris

Hazel Pharris was born and grew up in Bonners Ferry, ID. She lived in the country most of her life, before moving into the city for a while. She attended college in Idaho, where she met her husband, Earl. As...

Interview with The Roving Dears

A project centered around flyfishing, community building, and environmental stewardship.

Getting to know Chuck and Shari

Sitting down with Charles and Sharon Mitchell to hear stories of their childhood, and stories about Jericho, their daughter.

Joanne Miller with childhood friends Carolyn and Dave Nydell talk about going up with cabins at Priest Lake in the 1940s and 1950s.

Joanne Miller interviewed childhood friends, siblings Carolyn Pilcher and Dave Nydell. Their fathers brought them to the lake in the 1940s. Miller’s family found a cabin at Kalispell Bay and the Nydell’s across the lake north of Cape Horn. They...