Anasa Troutman and Wendi Thomas

Friends and colleagues Anasa Troutman [no age given] and Wendi Thomas (52) reflect on their work with MLK50 and restoring the Historic Clayborn Temple, the power of art and storytelling in their work, and their visions for Memphis.

Thanksgiving interview with grandma

grandma talks about what inspired her to be a teacher and how my dad was as a kid.

Anne McDonald and Chuck McDonald

Anne McDonald (40) interviews her father, Chuck McDonald [no age given], about his childhood in Butte, Montana, his extended family, and his first jobs. Anne also appreciates Chuck's creativity, imagination, and work ethic, as well as the importance he places...

An interview with my best friend about our friendship
November 28, 2018 App Interview

My best friends, Benjamin (18) Daniel (19) and I (17) talk about our friendship over 13 years and what we did as kids. We also talk about how our relationship has changed and why.

An interview with my inspiration: Jane Calder

Today i interviewed my piano teacher of 9 years. Over the nine years, I only knew about her past students and children. Today I wanted to know more about her childhood, career, passions and proudest moments.

Mark Mancuso, Carl Huber, and Matt Bielewicz

Friends Mark Mancuso (38), Carl Huber (40), and Matt Bielewicz (39), share a conversation about losing a close friend to gun violence in the midst of a Dungeons & Dragons campaign and how choosing to finish it helped them in...

Ameria Alleyne and Keron Alleyne

Keron Alleyne (32) interviews his wife, Ameria Alleyne (36), about her childhood and how she creates connections and community.

Seni King and Breonnie King

Sisters, Seni King (19) and Breonnie King (20), speak about their childhood, their close bond as sisters, and how meaningful it is to see one another grow older.

Creativity for a Lifetime: An Interview with Professor Anne Stapleton

Sydney Ginter sits down with Professor Anne Stapleton, a scholar of British 19th century literature and a professor at the University of Iowa, to have a conversation about creativity and expression.

Two friends Tamara Barlow and Rachel Timpson shared a vision for a Hildale Library

Recording November 18, 2017 – These two women were instrumental in the process of Washington County opening a library in Hildale. Tamara Barlow had this dream and shared it with her friend Rachel Timpson, both residents of the twin communities...

“We had the spirit of working together” – founding parent of Santa Cruz Waldorf School, Alison (Keeler) Carrillo

Alison (Keeler) Carrillo shares with us her experience of “plunging in” as a founding parent at the Santa Cruz Waldorf School back in the 70s, her 41 year connection to the school, how the parents over the years have made...

Amy Voss-DeVito and Beverly Harrison

Sisters, Amy Voss-DeVito (58) and Beverly Harrison (53), share a conversation about their mother's legacy and stardom in crafts, in particular, the mouse and pretty girl dolls.

Dialogue with Dad

I interview my father about his childhood experiences in school and at home and how it affected him as a person and a parent.

Meeting My Piano Teacher: Jane Calder

Today I interviewed Jane Calder. I have known her for nine years now. Although I have known her for so long, k have never known much about her. I learned about her childhood, life, mentors, and so much more.